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1. Old Strings Vs New Strings

Old Strings Vs New Strings

A comparison of a guitar with new strings compared to relatively older strings. Gutiar Chain was Gibson Les Paul Studio--> EVH 5150III--> Two Notes Torpedo Reload--> UA Apollo--> Pro tools--> Two Notes Wall of Sound Speaker simulation. A high pass filter was added after the speaker simulation. No other processing was done directly to the guitars. There was mixbus processing First is the everything playing but the guitars so you can hear what is backing the guitars. :13 is old strings .26 is new strings :39: old strings again :52 new strings again

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5. One Mic Drums

One Mic Drums

I was helping a friend with a simple drum recording setup. One overhead microphone, pointed straight down at the kick and snare Pretty happy with the result I got after some eq and compression. Tomorrow I'll be having him a 2nd put a mic in front of the kit and We'll see how much we can improve it with 2 mics.

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6. Tiny Terror Torpedo Reload

Tiny Terror Torpedo Reload

First day testing out the Two Notes Torpedo reload.

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7. Hop 2

Hop 2

Made sure to not get so sidetracked this time/.

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9. prog-motion guitar instrumental

prog-motion guitar instrumental

quick Funky/progesque instrumental

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10. Sample Session

Sample Session

A few months ago I had a drum sampling session and shortly thereafter got kind of busy. I haven't had a chance to go in and create samples, but I opened up the session today and found a spot where one of the drummers just grooved for a for a sec. So I thought I'd share pretty much the raw sounds I got.

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11. Jealous No Bridge

Jealous No Bridge

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12. 80's Horror Synth

80's Horror Synth

It's no secret that working with synths is definitely not my strong suit but It because of that reason I forced myself do a track that relied heavily on them. Definitely in part inspired by 80's horror film soundtracks.

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13. Dead Birds 2

Dead Birds 2

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14. alt/pop


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15. Radio ad

Radio ad

Radio ad I did for audio production class

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