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1. Unity Is The Key To Success Event / The Voice UK Audition Special

Unity Is The Key To Success Event / The Voice UK Audition Special

Unity Events UK Socials:

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2. Unity Is The Key To Success Event Advertisement

Unity Is The Key To Success Event Advertisement

A platform for Unsigned & Independent artists to showcase their talents. Hosted by: Peter Rhymer Filmed by: Unfound Greats Interviewed by: Inspire Mysmile DJing for the night by: JSharkz1 + An open mic section **Please note** You need to get in touch with us if you wish to perform via twitter, fb or ig. Sponsored by: JSharkz Rockz, Inspire Mysmile, Music Non Stop, SBE Designs & Unfound Greats

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3. Unity presents: Airwave (6 Hour Classics Set) LIVE!

Unity presents: Airwave (6 Hour Classics Set) LIVE!

Live recording of our exclusive 6 HOUR OTC CLASSICS SET for our 3rd-anniversary celebration here at Unity Events in Atlanta, GA!

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4. @DJBillzYBE - #Nocturnal2014 Bashment Mix

@DJBillzYBE - #Nocturnal2014 Bashment Mix

A Bashment Mix Mixed And Complied By Young Boss Entertainments @DJBillzYBE . Remember To Follow Our Twitter Page For The Latest Up Coming Events . See You At #Nocturnal2014 ;)

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5. @DJTANA - #Nocturnal2014 Afrobeats Mix

@DJTANA  - #Nocturnal2014 Afrobeats Mix

A AfroBeat Mix Mixed And Complied By DJ Tana . Remember To Follow The Events Page On Twitter @TTEventsUK To Keep Updated With What's Coming Next ...See You At #Nocturnal2014

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6. Marqués - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (March 2015)

Marqués - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (March 2015) Track List: 01. Trentemoller - Prana (Original Mix) 02. Following Light - Obscure (Tomek Remix) 03. Cesar Caballero, Jay Antonym - Past Tense (Original Mix) 04. Stas Drive - Dune (Original Mix) 05. Rise and Fall - The Vision (Original Mix) 06. Following Light - Nooning (Original Mix) 07. Ewan Rill - Silver (Original Mix) 08. John O'Callaghan - One Special Particle (Guy J Remix) 09. Agents Of Time - Armonics (Original Mix) 10. Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Particles Of God (Original Mix) 11. Djuma Soundsystem - Blizzard (Original Mix) 12. Dance Spirit - Outside Looking In (Original Mix) 13. Midnight Pulse - Flash Back (Original Mix)

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7. Bass Religion #2 Mr Filtro exclusive set for Unity Events

Bass Religion #2 Mr Filtro exclusive set for Unity Events

>Tracklist< 1 Lazar (IT) - Water Rhodes (Original Mix) 2 Jessica Diaz - Calma (Original Mix) 3 Sebastian Paiza - Calls To Prague (Original Mix) 4 Adriatique - Life Is a Pitch (Original Mix) 5 David Pher - Troublemaker (Original Mix) 6 Seb Zito - Never (Enzo Siragusa & Rich NxT's Enrichment) 7 Fideles - Little Helper 143-2 (Original Mix) 8 Electronic Youth - Predator (Original mix) 9 Thomas Schumacher, Caitlin - I Won't Run (Denite Remix) 10 Mark Deutsche & Musoé, Parker & Wolt - True (Original Mix) 11 Martin Landsky & SHOW-B - Bells For Life (Mario Aureo & Spieltape Remix) 12 Sunju Hargun, Forrest - No Futuro (Original Mix) 13 Tripmastaz, Ray Okpara - Lite (Ray Okpara Remix) 14 Philip Bader, Andrea Oliva-Animales (Original mix) 15 Philip Bader - Crazy 16 Claude VonStroke - Eye I Eye (Original Mix) 17 Danny Serrano - Climb (Sidney Charles Remix) 18 German Brigante, Samuel Dan - What's The Problem (Original Mix) 19 Fideles - Little Helper 143-1 (Original Mix) 20 Francisco Allendes, Bimas - Spoken Magic Spell (Sable Sheep Remix) 21 Mark Deutsche Muso - Push (Original Mix) 22 Nic Fanciulli - Wild (Lauren Lane Remix) 23 Sable Sheep - Painting My Fur (Original Mix) 24 David Penn, Jabato - La Calle (Vlada Asanin & Yas Cepeda Remix) 25 David Velez - Walls (Original Mix) 26 Sante, Frank Lorber - Share (Original Mix) 27 Anthony Rother - Cinema

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8. Mathias Schaffhäuser - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (June 2015)

Mathias Schaffhäuser - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (June 2015)

Mathias Schaffhäuser’s around in the techno, house and minimal scene since 1994. Past releases of Mathias appeared on Mo's Ferry Productions, Tic Tac Toe Rec., BluFin Records, Force Inc., Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8) and many others. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE which released 95 EPs until now (as of May 2015). 2001 saw his massive club hit "Hey Little Girl". In April 2005 he released his album "Coincidance" (Ware CD 14/Ware 52). The title track was remixed by Trentemøller and became a club classic. In January 2014 his album: „Angular“ came out on Mo's Ferry Productions. Great reviews in MusikExpress, Intro, Groove and others. 2015: New album in March & April: "RE:4 - Selected Remixes Vol. 4" (BluFin Rec.) Mathias' fourth collection of remixes comes on 2 vinyl EPs, each with an additional CD, making 17 tracks in all. GROOVE Magazine, March / April 2015: „On two ambitiously packed vinyl-EPs each coming along with an additional CD ... one finds over and over again something simply grandiose. Though lasting for more than twenty years now, one somehow always has the feeling that Schaffhaeuser’s sonic urge to discover and playful inventiveness will for a long time not be outtold.” Tracklist: „A trip from deepness to drama and back to dope...“ 01 Walking Shadow – The Point (Dessous Rec.) 02 Matt John - The Owl (Sender Records) feat. „Strawberry Sect“ by Walls (Kompakt) 03 False Image - Second Horizon (Get Physical) 04 Signal Deluxe - Solstice / Derek Marin Remix (Fantome De Nuit Records) 05 Danny Lilwall - Poison Ivy / Mathias Schaffhäuser remix, Re_4 edit (BluFin) 06 Alan Fitzpatrick - Falling Down (Hotflush) 07 Agents Of Time – Metamorfosi (Correspondant) 08 Lee Van Dowski – 050504 (Mobilee) 09 Point G – You (Point G) 10 Whitelie - Kronos / Mathias Schaffhäuser remix (Kes Records)

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9. VanLanuit - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (September 2017)

VanLanuit - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (September 2017)

Tracklist: 1. Yamil - Inside You (Original Mix) [Low Groove Records] 2. Anturage, Montechi - Closer (Original Mix) [Highway Records] 3. Thurman - Les Beaux Jours (Original Mix) [Innocent Music Deep] 4. Mirco Caruso - Again & Again (Bizen Lopez Alternative)[Safe Music] 5. Ben Rau - Ouisky (Original Mix) [Inkal Music] 6. Paul S, Antony Pl - Dreamvision (Original Mix)[NOPRESET Records] 7. Archie Hamilton - Telegram (Original Mix)[Fuse London] 8. Ernest Oh - Ego (Spega Remix) [Low Groove Records] 9. Ben Rau - Don't You Know (Original Mix)[Inkal Music] 10. Cajal, Fran Radetich - ST2 (feat. Fran Radetich)[Frost Plates] 11. Agustin Cooper - Rain (Original Mix) [Zigurat] 12. Archie Hamilton - First Refusal (Original Mix) [Pleasure Zone] +info: Soundcloud VanLanuit: Facebook VanLanuit: Instagram VanLanuit: Twitter VanLanuit:

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10. Julez Cordoba - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (December 2017)

Julez Cordoba - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (December 2017)

Tracklist: 1. Alenbeat, Dangur - Desert Lion (Omer & Shaked Remix)[Friday Lights Music] 2. Jan Ritter - Asturias (Original Mix) [ IAM MELODIC TECHNO] 3. Sasha - GameOvr (Original Mix) [Watergate Records] 4. Reset Robot - Bust (Original Mix) [Truesoul] 5. Christian Hornbostel - Geo Vibes (Metodi Hristov Remix) 6. Pierresat - Concept (Modern Talker Remix) [Kling Klong] 7. Gorkiz - Arrows (Afternude Remix)[Pretty Dirty Records] 8. DJ Tonio - Doppler (Original Mix) [Noir Music] 9. Ezequiel Arias - Corrupted (Original Mix) [Plattenbank] 10. Ziger - Faith in the Future (SEQU3l Remix) [Movement Recordings] 11. DJ Dep - Hot Vibe (Original Mix) [Circus Recordings] 12. Kaiser Souzai - Lost Kadath (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records] 13. Stergios Sigma - Meltemi (Original Mix) [Uxoa Dutxa Elite] +Info: Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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11. Spring Harvest organises local Church Unity events

Spring Harvest organises local Church Unity events

A series of events will take place this autumn to celebrate local Church unity and how this can be nurtured on a national level. The new partnership between Spring Harvest and Samaritan’s Purse has been announced. The evenings will be based on Jesus’ call for the Church to be one for a purpose. I spoke to Steven May-Miller spokesperson for Spring Harvest.

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12. Pawas - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (July 2015)

Pawas - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (July 2015)

Pawas (Compost / Moodmusic/ Black Key) In the electronica circuit, DJ and producer Pawas Gupta, needs no introduction. Pawas works in that space where melodies, musicianship and atmospheric sounds fuse to create intelligent house. His music resonates his journey back from his early days as a DJ in India to turning independent producer in Germany.From his classical roots in tabla and percussion to his deep, Detroit influence in deeper house,techno and minimal, Pawas has carved his niche. Tracklist: 1. Pamoja - Usio 2. All the thrills - BE 3. You lost it- Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts 4. Who’s that girl (Mastra edit) - Maddona 5. Freerider - Svida 6. In one ear - Audiojack 7. Distr5th - Patrice Scott 8. 08.1 - Nooncat 9. Cassandra - Donato Dozzy 10. Other dimension - Magit Cocoon 11. Lenoir - Rhytch 12. In love - Ashworth

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13. YON-X - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (April 2016)

YON-X - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events  (April 2016)

Original de Salamanca, YON - X ha desarrollado su música desde la costa mediterránea Española a las Islas Británicas, o los Países Bajos. Es miembro activo de Egroove collective, trabaja como promotor en Homeless y forma parte del roster de artistas de Unity Events (SP) Amante apasionado del buen House que casa con años de experiencia en el Techno, fuertemente influido por sonidos Detroit, deep y Dub techno. Hipnótico y con tendencia a los sonidos mas analógicos, cargados de energía y groovy, se define como un artista de la música electrónica ecléctico. Su cultura musical se extiende tanto como sus residencias, programas de radio, clubes o ciudades por donde ha pasado en los últimos años. Llegando también a ejecutar su live en sitios como el centro de arte contemporáneo DA2 en Salamanca o el teatro Juan Del Enzina y diferentes salas de arte, trabajando en colaboraciones con otros músicos en directo. Actualmente prepara su debut como productor para Conscious Records (IT) donde ha editado "Enarxi", su primer EP junto a Mr Filtro, (Abril, 2016) y Anexo EP para Secadero Records (SP), (Mayo,2016), donde producen artistas ya consolidados como James Rod, Novakk, Mata jones, Peerk o Jesu Aparicio. Como productor, utiliza su otro A.KA [Spiral Border] para desarrollar su lado mas intimo y experimental. Como Spiral Border ha editando su primer ep "Smoking Percusión" para kalma Records (SP) y próximanetne editará en Golden SouL (SP). Su trayectoria le ha llevado a tocar en múltiples clubs del panorama nacional y europeo, compartiendo cabina con grandes artistas. Donnacha Costello [Poker Flat Recordings], Ken Ishii [Plus 8], O.B.I [Tekktribe Records], Darkrow [Kraftek Music], Pete Herbert [Ubiquity] Albaro Cavanna [Rotten City], Henry Saiz [Natura Sonoris] Cora Novoa [Natura Sonoris], Coyu [Suara], Nhitto [ Cubic Capacity], Misc [Sender Records], Ivan Serra [Permissive Records], Jesus Ortega [Permissive Records / Unity Events], David Bordalas [Decoder Muzique], Iñaki Kreator [Musex Industries], Gorrión [Moss Club], Ascii Disko [Ladomat 2000], Dinamicron [Midnight Riot], Teniente Castillo [Tronik Youth], Angel Molina [Subterfuge], Derek Muller [Insolent Musik / MICRO], Jose Rodriguez [Insolent Musik], JL.Magolla [Deep Madrid], James Rod [Tom Tom Disco], Da Fresh [Toolroom] Alex Kid [Guidance], Track list: Manuel Moreno, Mario Aureo - Sensibility (Gorge Remix) Budakid - Anxiously (Beatamines Dutch Remix) Moonwalk - Echoes (Original Mix) Veerus, Maxie Devine - Laserdisco (Original Mix) Dj Slip - Available light (Franco Cinelli mix) Demarzo - Burn (Original Mix) Danniel Selfmade - Bylusion (Metodi Hristov & Gallya Remix) Demarzo - Mind Games (Original Mix) Metodi Hristov - Step Outside (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) Moonwalk - US AND THEM (Original Mix)

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14. Stonebank @ HTID Genesis UK - HSU Events

Stonebank @ HTID Genesis UK - HSU Events

Live Set from HTID Genesis in Bournemouth UK. HSU Events

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15. UNITY Radio Episode 045: Featuring Monoverse

UNITY Radio Episode 045: Featuring Monoverse

•UNITY Radio #045 Featuring Monoverse• Hello UNITY family and welcome to episode 045 of UNITY Radio! Another incredible week planned on this episode as we are honored to have Monoverse on guest duties this week! Monoverse is a man who needs no introduction seeing as he is one of the most beloved trance icons in the industry! Seeing support from artists such as Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Markus Shulz and so many more, this is a man who has solidified himself a spot in the trance scene! Now label boss of FSOE Parallels, sub-label to the illustrious Future Sound of Egypt, Monoverse shows no sign of slowing down! We hope you enjoy this incredible journey! •Track List• 01. ID - ID 02. Skylex feat. Sally Oh - Disarm You (Andromedha Remix) [FSOE Parallels] 03. Armin van Buuren - What If (Matt Fax Vocal Remix) [Armada Music] 04. Crystal Design vs. Arksun - Scarface Arisen (Mashup) [CDR] 05. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Amber (Vintage & Morelli Remix) [FSOE Parallels] 06. Pablo Artigas - Daybreak [FSOE Parallels] 07. Monoverse - Painting Shadows [FSOE Parallels] 08. David Broaders - Neogenesis [FSOE Parallels] 09. ID - ID 10. Alex Wright - Aswan [FSOE Parallels] 11. ID - ID

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16. Jan Darsel - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (July 2017)

Jan Darsel - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (July 2017)

Tracklist: 1. Yamil, Stefano Crabuzza - Ain't No Sunshine (Original Mix) [Go Deeva Records] 2. Dubman F. - Rate (Original Mix) [Native] 3. Alex Gamez, Alex sounds - El Proceso (Oríginal Mix) [Kubu Music] PROMO 4. Nuendo, Sinesisou – Say (Nuendo Remix) [Native] 5. Bizen Lopez - Suburbia (Original Mix) [ Suruba X] 6. Dubman F. - Rock a play (Original Mix) [Native] 7. Bizen Lopez - Una Noche Sin Cafe (Hugo Remix) [ Suruba X] 8. Pedro Silva - Bubbles Transition (Original Mix) [Baile Musik] 9. Bizen Lopez - Pumping Feelings (Original Mix) [ Suruba X] 10. Jan Darsel – Atmosphere (Original Mix)[Pulsar Music] 11. Nuendo - Villa Del Bajo (Dubman F. Remix) [Cream Music Records] 12. PAWSA - The Shapeshifter (Original Mix) [Solid Grooves Records] 13. Stefano Crabuzza - Play It Loud (Original Mix) [Lemon-Aid Music] 14. Yamil - Another Way (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes] +info: Beatport: Jan Darsel: Soundcloud Jan Darsel: Facebook Jan Darsel: Instagram Jan Darsel: Twitter Jan Darsel:

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18. Guille Balsalobre - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (September 2015)

Guille Balsalobre - Exclusive  Podcast For Unity Events (September 2015)

Guille Balsalobre exclusive podcast for Unity Events - September 2015 Unity Events launches this exclusive podcast supported by Guille Balsalobre. Guille Balsalobre, Dj y productor Cartagenero, probablemente una de las jóvenes promesas con más futuro de todo el levante. Desde bien pequeño empezó a escuchar sesiones de música electrónica de las discotecas más conocidas del levante . Ya con 13 años, adelantado a su época, empezó a interesarse por la música House y ahí fue donde empezó a hacer sus primeras mezclas, llegando a convertirse casi en una obsesión. Durante unos años siguió muy de cerca el panorama musical y se dedicó a mezclar durante horas hasta llegar a comprender por completo tanto la estructura, como el desarrollo de la música electrónica y crear su propio estilo de mezcla durante el set puliendo su técnica. A los 18 años decidió iniciar su trayectoria profesional como Dj en las noches de su ciudad natal y poco a poco fue extendiendo su sonido por diversas discotecas de la Región (Murcia). Destacando residencias como Reset House Club (Cartagena), Molayem (Mamaluna, Cabo de Palos), Magic Cris (Cartagena) y Bongo (La Manga). Otras salas que ha visitado son, Cucum Club Matinée (La Manga), Bali Hai (Mazarrón), Maná (San Javier), Das Groove (La Unión, Murcia), Soho (Cartagena)... Su sonido abarca desde el Deep House melódico y elegante hasta el Techno más contundente, adaptándose así al reclamo del público. Una vez que adquirió madurez musical, decidió iniciarse en el mundo de la producción, recibiendo clases del productor, también Cartagenero, Peerk (The YellowHeads). Actualmente está comenzando su camino en solitario, aunque tiene varios proyectos con Peerk que pronto saldrán a la venta por el sello discográfico Reload Records en Octubre de este mismo año. Tracklist: 01.- Maceo Plex - Solar Detroit (Original Mix) 02.- Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar (Original Mix) 03,- Clint Stewart -Throwing Stones (Original Mix) 04,- Andy Bros - Vento (Original Mix) 05,- Jem Cooke, Cristoph - Slowly Burning feat. Jem Cooke (Dub) 06,- Teenage Mutants & Dbmm - Horn (Original Mix) 07,- Andhim - Rollercoaster (Original Mix) 08,- Third Son-Delorean (Original Mix) 09,- Definition -Fear (Original Mix) 10,- Tube & Berger, Paji - Reliquia (Original Mix) 11,- This is I feat. Kieran Fowkes - Come See Me (Rafael Cerato Clapper Darkness Mix)

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19. Mr Filtro - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (February 2018)

Mr Filtro - Exclusive Podcast For Unity Events (February 2018)

Tracklist: 1. Marcelo Cura, Origins Of Time - Brainstorm (Oxlade Remix) [Whoyostro] 2. Pedro Costa - Sex Force (Daniel Meister Remix)[Habitat] 3. Riko Forinson - The Verse (Unluck, Sebastian Ledher Remix) [Play Groove Recordings] 4. Gentle Velvet, H.A.N.T. - Rebirth (Original Mix)[Pepper Cat] 5. Bruno Be, Jean Bacarreza - Aditya (Original Mix)[Bunny Tiger] 6. Edgar Peng - Granny Takes A Trip (Original Mix) [ Tonkind] 7. Dizharmonia - Pythagorion (Original Mix)[Click Records] 8. Anturage, Alexey Union - Slave (Original Mix) [Heinz Music] 9. Flow & Zeo - Infuzion (Andre Gazolla Remix) [House Mag Records] 10. Gabe, Dashdot - Black Hole (Tomy Wahl Remix)[Patent Skillz] 11. Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov - On my way (Original Mix)[Set About] 12. Sidney Charles - Black Sun (Original Mix)[Truesoul] 13. Shiba San - The Wig (Original Mix)[Suara] 14. Riva Starr, Fideles - The Superdope feat Fideles (Original Mix)[Defected] 15. P.A.C.O, Return of the Jaded - Nights Watch Original Mix)[Kittball] 16. Latmun - You Got It(Original Mix)[VIVa LIMITED] 17. Mr Filtro - Air Drop (Original Mix)[Transform Recordings] 18. Josh Butler - The Essence Of House Ft Lono Brazil (Metodi Hristov Remix) [Noir Music] 19. Ken Ishii, Alberto Ruiz - Diagonal (Original Stick)[Stickrecordings] 20. John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Thomas Gandey - Machine (Original Mix) [Definitive Recordings] 21. Thomas Schumacher - Fangbanger (Victor Ruiz Remix)[Electric Ballroom] 22. Ehuun - Rock In (Ernesto Mendoza Remix)[A100 Records] 23. Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe (Guy J Remix)[Anjunadeep] +Info: Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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20. Callan Christie - UNITY EVENTS Special Guest Mix

Callan Christie - UNITY EVENTS Special Guest Mix

Heres a mix from our next special guest and Delusion resident Callan Christie to get you in the mood for Unity Event's next event on Saturday @ Tumble hall.

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