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2. Priest's Requiem

Priest's Requiem

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3. Requiem of the Priest

Requiem of the Priest

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5. Bang Chatter - Mixophony Evolution Mixtape ( "Free" Download )

Bang Chatter - Mixophony Evolution Mixtape (

Whole 2H Set With Kevin Weigel on globalbeats fm <3 Share The Word Kevin Weigel : Support & Fight Ride the snake Peace everyone Tracklist : 1) John Cage - In a Landscape 2) Terry Lee Brown Junior feat greg parker - Eclosion ( Midav Remix ) 3) Steve Mac - Phoba 4) Dubfire - Emissions 5) Mr Skeleton - Church 6) TeK9 - Brutality 7) Culprate - Call it what you want 8) Arkasia - Reality 9) Third2second - Lucian's Revenge 10) Arkasia - Day after day 11) St Germain - Rose Rouge 12) Celldweller - Eon ( Drivepilot Remix ) BC Prince Edit 13) BEENS - Like Wax Final 14) Who's Your Daddy ( Tai Remix ) 15) Far Too Loud - Ready For The Stomping 16) Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability ( Len Faki Remix ) 17) Madonna - Holiday 18) Carmen - Must Be this feeling ( Delta heavy Remix ) 19) New Order - Blue Monday 20) SLDGHMR - Catch Fire ( Drivepilot Remix ) 21) Burial - Endorphin

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6. That big snake doesn't scare me!

That big snake doesn't scare me!

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, St. Paul, Minnesota in the rainforest room on a bench near the giant snake exhibit. Recorded on April 6, 2013 at 3:30pm. Listen for mist sprayer, bird calls, mysterious chirping, opinionated snake spectators and walkie-talkie chatter. Recorded with a Zoom Q3 HD audio recorder.

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7. Rubix Qube Live @ The Village April 2013 (WAV DOWNLOAD)

Rubix Qube Live @ The Village April 2013 (WAV DOWNLOAD)

Thanks so much for the likes and shares! All for the gees! Tracklist: 1.Intro 2. Dead Still Dance (Out Soon on Replicant Rec) 3. Continuity (Out Soon on Global Army) 4. Heizenberg (Out Soon on Spectral Village) 5. Radio Chatter (vs Android 17) 6. Clear Headed Science (vs Sonic Assault) 7. Showtime (Out soon) 8. Sneaky Snake Eyes (Out on Village/Spectral) 9. Not Physically Possible (Out on Village/Spectral) 10. Important Announcement (Out on Village/Spectral) 11. Brainwave (Out on Village/Spectral) 12. Sunquake (vs Luna) Live @ The Village Spiritual Synaethesia 13th April 2013. In affiliation with The Village Records (SA) and Spectral Records (PT)

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8. Frame Trap - Episode 26 "The Phantom Thieves Finally Strike!"

Frame Trap - Episode 26

On today's episode of Frame Trap, Persona 5 is almost upon us! Ben takes questions from the panel about the game and generally describes his feelings on the game so far. There's also a lot of chatter about Final Fantasy VI, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Horizon Zero Dawn, Snake Pass, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more! TIMESTAMPS 13:58 - What has Brandon been playing? (Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Final Fantasy VI, Zelda: Breath of the Wild) 40:58 - What has Bosman been playing? (Snake Pass, Night in the Woods, Ghostbusters VR, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment) 01:16:49 - What has Blood been playing? (Mass Effect: Andromeda) 01:36:39 - What has Ben been playing? (Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fire Emblem Heroes) 02:23:05 - HOTTAKE: How do we feel about turn-based combat in JRPGs? 02:47:43 - Emails

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9. Virus 2.1

Virus 2.1

Now Online !! The episode '' Virus 2.01' ! Hope you will enjoys this one ! :) Tracklist : - DJ Snake - Here Comes The Night ft. Mr Hudson - The Chainsmokers - Closer Ft. Halsey [Hearts x Fransis Derelle x Convex Remix Ft. Dustin Cook] - Raven & Kreyn - Rock Now - Bad Kids (Original Mix) Convex ft Titus - Madison Mars - Future Is Now (Extended Mix) - Kryder - Selecta (Chocolate Puma Edit) - Autoerotique & Hunter Siegel - OTF - Joyride ft Rick Ross - Windows - CRVE U - Panda Remix - Dastic - Go Home - Marshmello - Alone (Luca Lush Remix) - Shades of Grey (Barrens Chatter Remix) - On Fire Ft. Raign - Popeska - Destructo - 4 Real ft. Ty Dolla $ign & ILOVEMAKONNEN (Chris Lorenzo Remix) - Martin Garrix - Oops - Major Lazer - Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) (Boombox Cartel Remix)

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10. Ausgeliefert (erotische Geschichte) Hörbuch

Ausgeliefert (erotische Geschichte) Hörbuch

Ich kann es nicht glauben. Ich kann nicht glauben, in was für eine Situation ich da hineingeraten bin. ich weiß nicht, ob es mich anmacht oder ob ich es hasse. Ich erkenne mich selbst nicht wieder. Aber vielleicht sollte ich ganz am Anfang beginnen: Ich habe einen Mann kennengelernt. Er ist groß und dunkelhaarig. Ein typischer Anzugträger mit einem 3-Tage-Bart, großen Händen, dunklen Augen und einem so charmanten Lächeln, dass ihm einfach niemand widerstehen kann. Auch ich nicht. .................................................................................... Gastvertoner: BlackStack Hier geht´s zu seinem Kanal: Es lohnt sich sehr, auch mal bei ihm reinzuhören! :) Autorin: Ich :) .................................................................................... Musik: Candlepower von Chris Zabriskie CGI Snake von Chris Zabriskie Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To von Chris Zabriskie What True Self, Feels Bogus, Let's Watch Jason X von Chris Zabriskie Diese Tracks sind unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license ( lizenziert. Quelle: Interpret: Clean Soul - Calming von Kevin MacLeod ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license ( lizenziert. Quelle: Interpret: Space Chatter von Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions Juicy von ALBIS Winter von Vivaldi .................................................................................... ***Wenn es dir gefallen hat und du noch mehr von mir hören willst, dann lass mir doch ein Abo da!***

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11. Destination: Home

Destination: Home

Track #3 off of my debut EP, "Chatter In My Head" Praying that this traffic won’t ever break I’m on the dreaded route back to my hometown Where the ghost of my former me Comes alive to haunt my mind with an urgency Slithering on in a three lane race Where the lines of cars form a toxic snake It’s still better than where I’m going I got a low tank of gas and a destination: home Destination home Where all my demons roam Where all my demons roam I’m avoiding people that I just can’t see And there’s top drawer filled with all bad memories Of something I have worked so hard to shed Oh it brings me back to what I wanna move past I can’t go home again Listening to Elliott Smith through my phone Cause the radio sucks and my speakers are blown I think it’s funny how the saddest songs make me feel so good Counting it down it’s my Old Year’s Eve And the ball has dropped on exit 33 I guess there’s nowhere else for me to go I got a tank glowing E and a destination: home Destination home Where all my demons roam Where all my demons roam I’m avoiding people that I just can’t see And there’s top drawer filled with all bad memories Of something I have worked so hard to shed Oh it brings me back to what I wanna move past I can’t go home again

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12. Whales Tayles

Whales Tayles

We joyously dance, 10000 bright bulbs Bouncing sparkly across rainbow skies Lit up like the pop of a startergun baby In spermlight dance right through your eyes The core of a death’s head is raising and blazing The trails of diamond DNA Through 23 paths, then 46 more In the inky black water and spray The female and shemale and gene generation Do gently make sigils and chatter Oh god sweetlight goddess and goodness is coming Into the marked magick of matter While mexican messages mount on the moon The fertile mound easily yields And opens to bright white whips of the sun Seven spells chanted over the fields The snake hisses yesssss that love and chaos Are the friends for the re/evolution The angels protect me while whales redirect me And wizards write symbolic solutions The current of cats washes waves of hot blood Over golden enigmas of light Broomsticks and beards and bats of eyelashes Make kisses explode into flight The secrets were stored long ages ago Concealed in clandestine black books They trepan to glory their brittle bone story And hang upon magickal hooks Lucifer lashes out lasers of light Through cracks of hot honey in heaven Drizzled in Golden Dawn dreams through the night The seabells awoke me at seven Gitchi Manitou growls the 23rd psalm Walking with sickly charred feet on black streets of palm Electric wizard howls and sings Strumming the magickal wand of sixty nine strings Turning a bold face into salty winds Maps of tears dry like cracks in the leather Alpha, Omega, what ends and begins Ship is anchored yet floats like a feather.

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13. Orwell's Nightmare In Amerika

Orwell's Nightmare In Amerika

People ask me are you stupider are you from Jupiter. I synchronize my lines with science like violins colided with hadrons make vibrations I rhyme devine like interventions from the tenth dimension crystal chip in the lid intercept interstellerwebbs messages like a chrisalid satallites bug in my head like satalice drain my brain by the databite space based mind eraser lazers steering me weirdly side winding flow riding fluoride in the third eye blinded by the herdicide by the pint the village idiots make the villan viddy it so i scribble ill riddles to chill the liddle children ima truth seeker seek through the merriers clearer in the interior entranced i enter the exit in the entrance out existance and shatter anti matter with my chatter chase the snake up jacobs ladder to saturn theres a pattern mk ultra maken culture shallow and vulgar shady like the shadow of a vulture everywhere its there billboard porn pushing pills gore and more pussy galore make your soul sore give you an ulser all I see is bs on CBS I read Miley Cirus gives highly bad head viruses spread in your iris empties your empathy make you a violent cause drama quadra sonic masonic reverse cursed verses break your stylus slick psy ops makes your dick fly off with the nausus cock optics cops pickin pockets making thick porfits like rick ross breaking bricks into rocks for top cogs state public relations regulations block the real talk topics fancy anti cristic cryptic mystic vishus business frame the innocent and print it war on terror narrative there to scare and impare ya orwells nightmare in amerika orson wells poisoned the wells spread hystaria like malari like youth movements in st louise using shootings as excuses for looting disaster actors spinning the script from the begining its a trip we're livin in it.

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14. yBSessions #123 - ASCO

yBSessions #123 - ASCO

youBEAT Sessions #123 - ASCO [from m2o & Origami Management] ON AIR Radio Schedule: • JR.FM Radio Network (USA) - Tue h18:00 EST [WEB] • TMD Radio (BRA) - Tue h22:00 [WEB] • (ITA) - Tue h23:00 [WEB] • CLUBS DJ RADIO (FRA) - Wed h22:00 [WEB] • African Crest Radio Tv (ZA) - Thu+Sat h19:00 CAT [WEB] • Starbit Tv (CH) - Thu h04:00 + Sun h24:00 [WEB] • ClubMánia (HU) - Fri h20:00 [WEB] • Big Bang Radio - Studio 67 (USA) - Fri h20:00 (EST) [FM+WEB] • Rave FM (ESP) - Sat h22:00 (GMT+1) [WEB] • GmjRadio Web (ITA) - Sat h23:00 [WEB] • HEY DJ radio (ITA) - Sat h00:00 [WEB] • Nove3cinco (POR) - Sat h02:00 [FM] • CANAL FM // A TUA BANDA SONORA (POR) - Sat h4:00 + Sun h3:00 [FM] • Castle Club Radio (CY) - Sun h16:00 (GMT+2) [WEB] • Radio Zum (MD) - Sun h21:00 [UTC+02:00] [FM+WEB] Tracklist: 1) ASCO, FVLK - Drunk! [RED LIZARD Records](EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW) 2) Chatter, Better, Faster, Stronger - ASCO Mashup (Fox Stevenson & Mesto vs Daft Punk) 3) Bel Air, Misunderstood - Close To You (Jordan Magro Remix) [Be Yourself Music] 4) Merk & Kremont - Invisible [SPINNIN RECORDS] 5) ASCO, One&One - Tora Tora [RED LIZARD Records] 6) Sagi Abitbul and Guy Haliva - Stanga [ULTRA] 7) Luca Testa & Bro Berri - LISTEN! [Panda Funk] 8) JaySounds - Outta Your Mind [Sup Girl] 9) Bout - A Better Soul [BIG&DIRTY] 10) ASCO - RDCLS (feat C-Fast) [LoudBit Records] 11) AKKER - Pull Out The Madness [RED LIZARD Records] 12) Oliver Heldens ft. Ida Corr - Good Life (Metro Remix) 13) Valentini - Faker [RED LIZARD Records] 14) Niko The Kid, Brave - Wasting My Time [sickworldmusic] 15) Chris Montana, Vinylsurfer - Can't Get Enough (ASCO Miami Edit) [Black Lizard Records] 16) DJ Snake feat. Yellow Claw - Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix) [Polydor Associated Labels] 17) Dirtcaps - El Fuego [ARMADA] 18) Trobi feat. Junglebae - In The Studio [SPINNIN RECORDS] 19) Matroda - Ghetto Funk [Dim Mak Records] 20) JOSEPH - Fool 4 You [Strakton] 21) Ralph Felix, SDJM - The Heat [Universal UK] 22) Leandro Da Silva, Gary Caos - Cafè [SPRS] 23) Benny Wolfes & CSR - No Breakdown [RED LIZARD Records] (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW) 24) SIXTEEN - Curtilada [RED LIZARD Records] (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW) Follow ASCO:

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Music Video @[OBI] Off our up and coming EP 'The Naughty Corner'. LYRICS: Red, yellow, Green, (go) T-O [MARTY] Ultra Omega Magnificent Super Brilliant Killing it, Innocent angelic rubbing up on me so tell your man deal with it, The blisser the ignorant I’ve got a lot of it creepin’ inside, The radical villain we pealin’ your sealin’s you feelin’ devine, And I’m smoking that hot, I smoke it down to that hot, She keep me hard like a rock, I always stay getting that top, And I keep it one hundred till I hit the floor, triple no wait we break in through the door, VB to face and a ruby to blaze, I back flip in a pussy a get an applause. [OBI] Double flip the land’n stick, I grab my dick then pony flick, The only kid to get to him,- Pistol grip on ill da man,— Bitch i want head up in a fucking benz, She like yes her panties wet, I’m sick of being in the pen, I mighta said to my defence,- You a 10 but I’m a 12, Bitch i hit the flex like fuck the world, Hook [LIL DIJON/OBI] Redline Reaper, she stop and she go, (Stop,Go) Redline, Reaper, Redline, T-O Redline Reaper, I’m all on my own, (My own) Say my name get the best of me, (Hold me down make a mess of me) x2 [OBI] I’m on the scene from my energy, (O) Triple the ones you get enemies, (B) Buzzing alone why the fuck they want kerosene? I a mutt but a bitch want a pedigree, (I) Cutting em up is a hereditary, (ill) Mixing the x with some ketamine, We are the sons are you getting me, Triple one bitch go so hard its a felony, That’s no surprise, And I’m- pretty nice but my soul is ice, No lies when I hold the mic,- I fuck shit quick bitch with a golden eye, Snake eyes in a cold divide,- I am not afraid to die, So if i fucked it once, I guess i’ll fuck it twice, And if it bout my life I just roll the dice, [MARTY] No boney body but I’m reaper, (Yep) Chitter-chatter to the teacher, (Shut the fuck up) A-D-H-D on a killing spree, (Mmmmm) Doubted me like I’m the Kennedy’s, (No Doubt Bitch) Legs on the wall like a huntsman, (Oi) Spitting my seed like a pumpkin, (Oi) This your girl just like I thought I met her. (She got the part lets go) Hook [LIL DIJON/OBI] Redline Reaper, she stop and she go, (Stop,Go) Redline, Reaper, Redline, T-O Redline Reaper, I’m all on my own, (My own) Say my name get the best of me, (Hold me down make a mess of me) x2

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16. The Clicker-Clacker [Bonus Track]

  • Published: 2013-01-01T08:31:58Z
  • By Sun Bath
The Clicker-Clacker [Bonus Track]

The Clicker-Clacker Godmakers yeah will come again They’re gonna rain down fire with their burning hands Yellow orb will turn them to stone They’re gonna stay right there and call that forest their home Clouds will open up and then we’ll find That that great big man’s been stabbed from behind Snow swirls on a dirty road And we’ll remember the time when that old river flowed It’s just the times We don’t remember our own names No I’m not fine I just want it to rain In a tunnel a bike has fallen All covered in mud the rider calling Out to me in my rusty car But I’m too caught up in becoming a star A house is burning to the ground And the family’s outside not making a sound Set by people with change in their minds Too many houses and the forest will die I sit and think In my room and the lights are off My cheeks are pink And the snow won’t stop My teeth chatter and shatter at the sound Of a megaphone sounding throughout the grounds The snake that speaks lives in box outside of town Dangling on wire a shining sparkling crown Dark and twisted the streets have become The crowds stumbling around like jack and jill without crumbs A metal wall now shields our eyes From our own white star that shown in the sky A family of mice lay down to bed On my friend-turned-bum’s lice-ridden head The clicker-clacker has run out of black Too bad the Makers in the temple won’t give us jack The planet is grave But a few of us have a thought There’s a possibility to save Though it’s a long shot My teeth chatter and shatter at the sound Of a megaphone sounding throughout the grounds The snake that speaks lives in box outside of town Dangling on wire a shining sparkling crown We’ve built a latter and we think we can climb Up to their tower and get back our lost time We reach the top and there’s no one we can find On their table is a bloody rifle that used to be shined

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