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  • Published: 2014-02-02T03:32:40Z
  • By Smug Mang


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5. ¢a$h †®apped MiX†ape V1

¢a$h †®apped MiX†ape V1

Tracklist: 1. Catch Me If You Can (NinjvBwoy edit) - The Regulators x Jody Breeze 2. Trap Shit v11 - UZ 3. Guap This (NinjvBwoy edit) - UZ, Trae the Truth, Trinidad James x Big Sean 4. Entertainment - Sean Paul, Juicy J 5. Work - Iggy Azalea, Wale 6. Goin in (Shooter McNappin bootleg) - Birdy Nam Nam x Skrillex x Emalkay 7. F Off - Branchez 8. Twerk It - Busta Rhymes 9. Freestyle - Bassnectar 10. Scumbag (Rell the Soundbender remix) - Bro Safari 11. Body Bumpin - Benny Page 12. Serious Bidness - Clicks and Whistles 13. GrandTheft - Give Me More 14. Wasted - Gucci Mane 15. Love Sosa (Willy Joy remix)- Chief Keef 16. My Neh - Booty Hunt 17. Big Pimpin' (SUBshockers McF*ckin VIP) - Jay Z 18. Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) - Dillon Francis 19. Suit and Tie (Dillon Francis remix)- Justin Timberlake 20. Boy oh Boy - Diplo & GTA

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7. Infinite - Struggle (ft. Black Smurf) [Prod. Big Los]

  • Published: 2014-07-22T02:21:56Z
  • By YOUNG D
Infinite - Struggle (ft. Black Smurf) [Prod. Big Los]

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8. DJ Smurf @ Together As One. Los Angles, USA - 31/12/2002

  • Published: 2017-02-02T12:06:36Z
DJ Smurf @ Together As One. Los Angles, USA - 31/12/2002

Crazy party in a huge arena in LA.

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9. DJ Smurf @ Data Sessions 3, Los Angeles, USA - 21/08/2004

  • Published: 2017-02-02T14:17:43Z
DJ Smurf @ Data Sessions 3, Los Angeles,  USA - 21/08/2004

Fun party in a strange venue in Hollywood. Tracklisting: Smurf feat Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers (GGM Dubplate) Dirty Fan Male - I Am A Pervert (Trunk) Chistina Agulira - Dirty (Acapella) / Drokz - Back To The Frontline (North Radical Ltd 1) Hammer Damage - Jesus Didnt Dance (Corrupt 8) Ordeal - All U Lot R Cuntz (Corrupt 7) Deathmachine - Mekatin (Brood 3) Dark Fader - Nicey Hot Tum (Nerfs A Vifs 5) Mastermind - Battle Record (Haedfuck 22) Tocsin - Never Spank (Bastard Loud 18) The Speedfreak - Jesus Was A Mutant Part 1 (Psychik Genocide 14) The Blood Brothers - Fucker (XK 2) Noisekick - I Hate Trance (Masters OF Hardcore 37) Wendy Milan - Bitchez (Shockwave 32) LFO Demon - The Skinhead Broke My Telephone (Sprengstoff 2) Micron - Devils Trick (Psychik Genocide 18) Passanger Of Shit - Rip Ya Tits Off (Global Terror 2) Passanger Of Shit - Lkking My Sperm Of A Pigs Cunt (System Corrupt 4) The Speedfeak - Steel Finger (Use The Force Remix) (Psychik Genocide Remix 4) Neokoros - 700 Grammes (Psychik Genocide 14) Duff TMLP - Nin (Violent 11) No Mercy & Drokz - Cunt Records Is Dead (Harddrugz 1) Richard K - Trust No One (Strike 32) Nirvana - Negative Creep (Geffen) Ministry - Jesus Built My Hot Rod (Sire) Liza N Eliaz - Species (Provision Loops 4) Unexist - Unexist Will Break Your Face (3rd Movement) Smurf - Fuck Me Geordie (Strike 25) Smurf - Gusset Typist (GGM Dubplate) Smurf - Shitter (GGM Dubplate) Hardcore Ray - I Love You Smurfy Boy (GGM Dubplate) Smurf feat Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers (GGM Dubplate)

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12. D. YOUNG(G.R.I.P. SQUAD) - Kick In The D.O.O.R. - 08 Feast Feat Yun8 Los & Smurf (Prod By Conz)

D. YOUNG(G.R.I.P. SQUAD) - Kick In The D.O.O.R. - 08 Feast Feat Yun8 Los & Smurf (Prod By Conz)

from Kick In The D​.​O​.​O​.​R., released 15 April 2014 (D. Young C. Tremaine, E. Perrin, & I. Weir) Produced by Conz Engineered and Mixed by Ian "Conz" Weir Recorded at G.R.I.P. Studios in Canton, Oh

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14. Ray G - Ohhhh Ft B Smurf & Don David (Exclusive)

Ray G - Ohhhh  Ft B Smurf & Don David (Exclusive)

Rio Grind Ent Exclusive

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16. CCPAR IYD Podcast 002 | DJ Smurf

  • Published: 2013-08-05T00:03:06Z
  • By CCPAR
CCPAR  IYD  Podcast 002 | DJ Smurf

CCPAR - IYD - Podcast#02 2013 The Small Blue Machine Tracklist: DJ Mutante - Party Accommodant Part 3 DJ Smurf - Smurfenland Anthem 2012 (DJ cut) DJ Smurf - Goodeyaka Braincrackin (Bootleg) DJ Smurf - Break Some Shite (Neurotoxic) Twilight & Jackall - Rock With Us (Not Easy Tunes 17) Corruptive Chaos - Rock The (GGM Digital 38) Hard_Toch - Bier, Tabak, Whisky, Mädchen (Smurf re-master) DJ Smurf - FatGirl 2013 re-weigh (Neurotoxic) Dr. Peacock - Freaking With M (GGM Digital 43) Roughsketch - B-raver is Back (Notebook) - 214.mp3 Human Resource - Dominator (Smurf remix - DJ Cut) (Noisekick Records) DJ Smurf - Its Terror Time (This Is Terror) DJ Smurf - Im A WankOR (This Is Terror) DJ Smurf - Woohoo (This Is Terror) DJ Smurf - Im Smurfy & I Smurf It (GGM Digital 44) DJ Smurf - Exposure King (GGM Raw 1) Bio: 1980's Listening to Adam & The Ants which progressed into electro & hip hop - Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and De La Soul. Heard 'acid house' for the first time on the radio in 1987 & 'house music' bring combined with hip hop to create hip house. Slowly drifted away from hip hop and started buying acid house and early techno records. 1990 Went to my first warehouse party on my own called Butterloggie in Middlesbrough. Over the year saw the likes of Nightmares On Waz, Lenny Dee, The Shamen, Guro Josh, Raze and local superstars of the time DJ Huey & MC Lee, Zero B 7 Hooligan X. 1991 Went to various big raves around the UK including Raindance, Fantazia, Holocaust, Time, Amnezia & the first Rezerection party's in Newcastle. Got my first turntables. 1992 Preferred the harder European techno/rave sound to all the UK breakbeats and piano's. Got my first turntables and started spending £50+ every week on new records. Played at a few party's around the North East of England, mainly pubs/house party's and in in my first club called ‘Walkers’ on New Years Eve. 1993 The European sound started to get faster and harder. 'Gabber' music coming from Rotterdam was my new love ! 1994 Played my first 'real gig' at Judgement Day in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle alongside my hero, Lenny Dee. 1994 - 1999 Played at all the UK's hardest clubs and party's, with a residency at Judgement Day in Newcastle & Nosebleed in Scotland. 1998 Produced my first trax on Amiga and had my first release on DJ Freaks UK label Hard Of Hearing (number 8, GGM v Extrement). Two trax released on the Killout Compilation's on Suburban Trash Records Germany and a release on Strike Records - Newcastle (UK) v Newcastle (Australia), which became a big hit and has since been repressed twice. 2000 Residant DJ at Resistance in Edinburgh. First booking outside the UK at the infamous Nordcore party in Hamburg, Germany. Also play in Italy at Underconstruction in Dylan. 'Spunkin Stoat Jizzm' included in 'Killout Trax volume 3', released in Germany. 2001 Play in Switzerland for the first time at Hellgate in Zurich. Also return to Nordcore in Germany. Play at the massive Hardcore Nation party in Milan, Italy. 2002 Play in Winnipeg, Canada. Invited to play on the Industrial Strength Europe European Tour. We travel around Europe in a camper van playing in Italy, Switzerland & Austria. Play at a massive party in Los Angeles USA on New Years Eve called Together As One. 2003 Play in France for the first time in a football stadium in Lille. Do a 10 hour oldksool set in Newcastle to celebrate 10 years of DJ'ing. Another party in Italy on December 26th. Get mentioned in the Billboard Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Music in the gabber section. 2004 First time in Belgium at the famous PORN party. First few small gig's in Holland. Get took off the dex after 10 minutes for playing hardcore techno at a big happy hardcore/makina party near Newcastle :). Back to Germany for Nordcore. Back to Los Angeles for a crazy party in a freak museum in Hollywood. Play at the worlds most famous and biggest hardcore party, Thunderdome, to 10,000 people in the small room at 7 in the morning ! 2005 International bookings almost every week including - Hellbound, Masters Of Hardcore, Megarave v Hellrasier, Multigroove, Beter Kom Je Neit, Nightmare In Rotterdam (Outdoors) and many many more ! Also see Kylie live ! First Smurfland party takes place in Holland. Around 800 people, mostly dressed as Smurf's turn up. Play 2 gigs in Holland and 1 in Germany on the same night. 2006 Play at the massive Masters Of Hardcore party on Holland for the first time. Take over running Judgement Day from Bass Generator with a new home in Scotland and bring many international artists to the UK/Scotland for the first time, including Endymion, D-Passion, Sonic Overkill, The Speedfreak, Peaky Pounder, Angerfist, Human Resource, Noisekick, Rob Gee, Stickhead, Art of Fighters and many more ! Many bookings in Holland, sometimes 2 in one night. Mix & compile 'Temple of Terror' CD released in Holland. Smurf mix on 'CSR Welcome To Terrorland' CD & DVD. 2007 GGM RAW records launched. 1 & 2 released. The first Smurf V Plague battle takes part in Holland at Hellraiser V Megarave. Play at the massive Fantazia party in Scotland. Big party's in Holland Masters Of Hardcore for a 2nd time. Another Smurfland party in Holland, one on Friday and another on Saturday. Play at the massive Decibel outdoor festival in Holland. Play at Nightmare In Italy. GGM Raw Records 2 released. Smurf mix on 'Noisekicks Birthday' CD. 2008 Continue to play out almost every weekend, big festivals such as Ground Zero in Holland, Masters Of Hardcore, Megarave. Party in Switzerland, Italy. First Regeneration V Judgement Day party's in Newcastle, Hardcore Heaven Weekender in England, raving Nightmare in Belgium. GGM Records 3 released. Smurf mix on 'Pure Terror' 2xCD & DVD on 'This Is Terror Records', Holland. 2009 Viktor Van Stroomf is born - Smurf's hardtechno/schranz/industrial alter-ego. Busy every weekend. Play at Ground Zero for the 2nd time. Belgium, Holland, Italy. Plague V Smurf 12" released on Canadian Speedcore Resistance & Plague V Smurf 2xCD & DVD released on This Is Terror'. 2010 'Christina Gets Wanked On' track gets played on BBC Radio 1 by Kutski. Viktor Van Stroomf plays a few times in Holland. Industrial and hardtechno/schranz sets + many bookings in the UK. Broke my first bone, stood on a bottle dancing to hardstyle! Many party’s in Holland, Italy (Masters Of Hardcore, Number One), Germany, Belgium, UK. Smurfland returns to Holland for my birthday party. Lots more gigs for Viktor as he try's to bring hardtechno to a 'rave' audience. GGM Raw Records 4 released on vinyl. GGM Digital net label is born catering for all harder styles. 2011 Mini tour of Australia, Sydney & Perth. Remix of Human Resource's 'Dominator gets played on BBC Radio 1 twice. Once as the 'hardest record in the world right now' on Kutski's show. Many party's in Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany GGM Digital gets to its 12 release GGM Raw 005 vinyl released

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17. Smurf y Raityn Disimulando

  • Published: 2012-11-26T23:14:08Z
  • By El Tonka
Smurf y Raityn Disimulando


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18. Jarredj X Jordn Masiah - Piece Or Pieces (Remix)

  • Published: 2016-08-09T01:54:25Z
  • By Jarredj
Jarredj X Jordn Masiah - Piece Or Pieces (Remix)

Produced by Big Los Remix to Piece or Pieces by Black smurf & Xavier Wulf Mean man policy © 2016 Bad Apple Ent. © 2016

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19. Episode 66 - Dick on False Alarms

  • Published: 2017-09-05T03:58:09Z
  • By Dick Show
Episode 66 - Dick on False Alarms

Sean's performance review/birthday, ROAD RAGE: LOS ANGELES, fire alarms make me wish I was burning to death, Rocketman and asteroid mining, Steve Hofstetter, comedian pilots, airport bean bags, I don't know what is a parsec, Asterios' alt-right business ideas, Hazencruz's fat girls on Tinder song, package thieves and Jokey Smurf, The Indiana Jones Leather Man BAG network, Trump Sci-Fi, an acceptable reason to abandon your family, pee arguments, the tipping point of a hangover, taking a plane crash to he face, and problems with The Red Cross; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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