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ALBERTO LIBRI AKA DJ HOFFMANA was born in Rome.He has been a DJ since 1987 and an audio producer since 2001.In 2007 he embarked on a new adventure with OSPINA RECORDS,thus becoming DJ Hoffmana.Between 1987 and 2011 he played music in different clubs, such as important Roman venues like:Albar, Veleno, Castello, Ex Magazzini, Caruso Caffè ' D' oriente, Picasso, Fiesta 2005 (pista centrale house), Shangoo, Jungle, Fortino, Lian Club, UllaLà, Fake, Escopazzo,Waves Arts @ Montalcino Castello di Santa Severa,Sporting Disco Club, Vogue Neo Club Alibi, Akab ,ALPHEUS, QUBE,La terrasse Roma the exclusive CLUB della Caccia dei Nobili Romani. He is among the reg .He worked as a DJ producer for the Villariccio Sound Recording.In 2000, 2003 and 2005 he recorded three different hits, selling 24.000 copies in total.He was the director of the national live radio show Talk Radio voci nella Notte, broadcasted by TALK RADIO and in the same time he was the broadcasting director of Sport Station on RSA.He used to be a technical, musical and artistic advisor for important roman radio stations: RADIO INCONTRO and RADIOINCONTRO ITALIA. Actually he manages the Studio Hoffman in Rome, where he working on different experimental projects. His sound is house Discografia: dj Hoffmana Cierto Es Ospina Digital dj Hoffmana Want to be by my side Groove Sense Records dj Hoffmana Feel Better Groove Sense Records dj Hoffmana Pain for you Groove Sense Records dj Hoffmana Toccami di sera Groove Sense Records dj Hoffmana Mamashiwa Hit Mania club dance vol 7 dj Hoffmana Mamashiwa Groove Sense Records dj Hoffmana Crazy Dark Fader dj Hoffmana Bantuba Dark Fader DJ HOFFMANA BABY BOOM NET'SWORK Dark Avatar Rio lerma ep Dark Fader dj Hoffman My beat Dark Fader Dark Avatar Montezuma’s comet Dark Fader kosta frappucino ep Dark Fader kosta frappucino ep vol 2 Dark Fader Seeu Seal Salida Del Sol Seeu Believe Me Salida Del Sol Seeu Arianna Salida Del Sol Seeu Dancing In The Sunshine Salida Del Sol Seeu Fearless Salida Del Sol Seeu Pararel Hearts Salida Del Sol Seeu Silenty Dreaming Salida Del Sol Seeu The Lost Time Salida Del Sol Seeu Waiting Salida Del Sol Ha remixato: Tamashi – Revenge - Mystika Records Bt Plastic - Latin Lover – Tecnomafia Artful Dodger And Romina Johnson!!Movin Too Fast Bacci Bros Rec- UK!!

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