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4. ReMixtape #6: "The Bali Tape"

ReMixtape #6:

FACEBOOK: ### NO classic 0815 DJ Set!!! Expect the unexpected! ### Edits, Demos, Remixe, Reworks, ... Febraur 2012 "You ever get the feeling that you have to get away from it all?" 1. The Big Crunchy Theory - "Distortion (DJ Koze Remix) 2. Billy The Shit - "Taipei Airport" 3. The Chordettes - "Mr. Sandman (Billy Vanilly Remix)" 4. Fleetwood Mac - "Albatross (Billy Vanillys Blacktip Reef Shark Mix)" 5. Lars Frederiksen - "The Viking (Billy The Shits Kuta Beach Edit)" 6. The Champs - "Twenty Thousand Leagues (Billys Party Hard @ Sky Garden Mix)" 7. The Byrds - "Mr. Tambourine Man (Billys Sama Sama Mix)" 8. Fobia - "Monks" 9. Kollektiv Turmstraße - "Schwindelig" 10. Aphex Twin - "Fingerbib (Billys Gili Mushroom Edit)" 11. Billy The Shit - "Southeast Asian Ice Cream Car" 12. Nicolas Jaar - "Time for us" 13. Billy Vanilly - "Old Bali" 14. ? - "Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blom Mi" 15. Q. Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses"

nothing at of , which is

5. HAVING A WEIRD TIME COMING HOME, October 10, 20:00 D.F., Oct 11, 03:00 Cph 2014

HAVING A WEIRD TIME COMING HOME, October 10, 20:00 D.F., Oct 11, 03:00 Cph 2014

Broadcast put together especially for the exhibition EVERYTHING IS CONNCETED in Mexico City @ Neter Proyectos in collaboration with Green is Gold and Signe Havesteen. Special thanks to my neighbor Thomas Frederiksen who's internet we used broadcasting. In the studio/Hannah Heilmann's kitchen: Hannah Heilmann, Kasper Vang, Jan Stricker & Lars Fynboe. Outpost, taking care of general safety: Pernille Abd-El Dayem. Station IDs 2night, young ones and old: Tone and Metal IDs by Morten Chrone, Russian ID by Mira Winding, Go-ID by Honza Hoeck, Fame IDs by Rasmus Høj Mygind, Much further away by Kasper Vang, Agnostic n Old by Lars Arnfred Fynboe, Ida Kudo classic ID, Bibi Klenz hyper classic ID, huh huh feeling it why am I feeling it u say I by GBW, General Røv af Arbejde as spoken by Lasse Latz. 1) Wildlife Perfume: DJ Acid Katinka 2) Carillon solo from the end of the opera 'The Loneliness of the Index Finger (Part II)' on 05.09.2014 (as part of "Soft City" performance program by Kunsthall Oslo). Overall production by Steiner Haga Kristensen. Bells composed by Morten Norbye Halvorsen and carried out by 'carillonneur' Laura Marie Rueslåtten. 3) Wildlife Perfume: Sailor 4) Abel: I don't need to travel cause I have the internet, lucky me 5) GBW reports from the aftermath of the Toke Odin concert at Carlsberg the other day 6) Gert Thrue: Cepheus 7) Marie Thams: Voluntario 8) Nina Björk Eliasson: My Mother's Piano (sound piece in three movements, on pedal organ, broken piano and keyboard respectively, from an installation exhibited summer of 2014 in Kongens Have in Copenhagen) 9) Kasper Vang reports: Sneaking in on Supermelle and Mr. Luke Bennett at the campfire 10) Wildlife Perfume: Soya Tears - Emilia 11) Wildlife Perfume: Soya Tears - In the Light of Repetition 12) Poul Gernes: Never before published piece for flute organ found in archives by Jan Stricker 13) Marie Thams: No lo hago por el dinero 14) Mira Winding reports from Cafe Nuye Art 15) Det jeg elsker (song from unknown source) 16) Marie Thams: Huelga 17) Mira Winding reports from Harun Farocki exhibition 18) GBW reviews Rossevelt/Do me now (old news) 19) Kasper Vang reports: Mr. Luke Bennett and Supermelle fries a sausage on a stick (eine wurst flambé!) 20) Excerpt from LOL Beslutning by Emil Elg, Asger & Holger Hartvig, Lasse & Simon Latz, Asger & Bjarke Valentin @ Hovedbiblioteket i Krystalgade October 10, 2014. Intro: Lars Arnfred Fynboe attempts to get into LOL Beslutning. 21) Ricardo Carvalho: Avolition (2010) (Two Elizas in conversation) 22) Seksuelle Mennesker: Hemmelighed @ Hovedbiblioteket i Krystalgade October 10, 2014 23) Jens Kamp special spiritual mix 'Astral': Lustmord – The ambivalent abyss Pauline Anna Strom – Emerald Pool Angus & Hetty Maclise – November 1965 Topmost – The End Pattie Rosemon With Frank and Odie Rosemon - I heard the voice of Jesus say Michael Stearns - As the earth kissed the moon Coil – MU-UR Laurie Anderson – Another day speak Jean Michel-Jarre – Ethnicolor Nasa – Sounds of Neptune Coil – The sea priestess Masochistic Religion – IV Outer Space - Deathless Pantaleimon – At dawn Ashra – Nightdust Tien Fu – Heaven’s Gate Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball Soundbites – Laurie Anderson – Bright Red

nothing at of , which is