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1. Johannes Albert @ Fusion Festival (2016)

Johannes Albert @ Fusion Festival (2016)

Fusion Festival 2016 ...... Sonnendeck am Samstag 20-22h

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2. Johannes Albert & Move D @ Wilde Renate

Johannes Albert & Move D @ Wilde Renate

recorded on 10.10.2015

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3. Keinemusik Radio Show by Johannes Albert 19.05.2017

Keinemusik Radio Show by Johannes Albert 19.05.2017

We're glad af one of our favorite producers these days contributed this guestmix to our Radio Show series. Lovely assembly of tunes. Enjoy...

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5. PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - All Around

PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - All Around

Fine Records is the collaborative product of Johannnes Albert (for Frank Music fame) and klamauk's Tilman. While the first release saw the producers joining forces, the second drop was a solo release from Tilman. For the third EP, Dancefloors & You & You, it is the Berlin-based Johannes' turn at the helm, and it is our pleasure to present to you the first cut off the record. Johannes is no stranger to employing looped discofunk samples in his productions, and "All Around" certainly fits this mold. The track builds on a heavy disco style kick / clap and layered percussion and a funky bassline. As the lead, an irresistible postdisco era sample repeats and rises to a filtered climax. The female lead vocals of the original are slightly teased in here a la Tiger & Woods before dropping back into the main groove. It's a sweet, feel good disco house track that's certain to motivate dancefloors.

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6. Lexx & Johannes Albert @ DOSCI [October 2017]

  • Published: 2017-10-26T15:08:57Z
  • By Zukunft
Lexx & Johannes Albert @ DOSCI [October 2017]

Recorded live at Zukunft on October 12. 2017. The first hour is by our resident @Lexx72 the remaining time by @johannesalbert. Enjoy the ride!

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7. Moon - Industrie & Zärtlichkeit LP

Moon - Industrie & Zärtlichkeit LP

Welcome to „Industrie & Zärtlichkeit“, the raw, quirky yet emotional debut album from Moon! Although the Berlin-based duo is revered for dancefloor bangers such as „Ze power”, Johannes Albert and Johannes Paluka (better known as Iron Curtis) have put much effort into making this album a true listening experience without sacrificing their roots in House Music. „Industrie & Zärtlichkeit“ (which translates into „Industry & Tenderness“) effortlessly achieves what is claimed in its title, namely a fusion of seemingly disparate elements: the rough and the smooth, dirty beats and soothing harmonies, bizarre sounds and comforting chords. The title track is a fine example of this perfectly-dosed blend with its detuned strings that glide over a crisp electro beat and an infectious melody which would make Kraftwerk proud. “Cafe Del Landwehrkanal” is a lighthearted and kinky gem while „Light Of Virtue“ combines warm synth pads (Detroit is not far) with dusty drums and an acid bassline. “MFB Nights” and “Machine Rhythm Tomorrow” are also illustrations of the duo's undeniable savoir-faire, with the former celebrating garage classics thanks to its cheeky vocal sample and gorgeous rhodes chords while the latter plays out as a dedication to the early 90's, a time when people didn't care about genres and just dived in the novelty of electronic dance music. But as we all know, there is a dark and secret side of the Moon, an aspect which is best expressed via the freaky organ chords of „Proto“ and its detuned melody. Not to mention the excellent ambient pieces „Fjordig“ or „The Bitter End“ which showcase the duo's ability to venture into uncharted territory. All in all, “Industrie & Zärtlichkeit“ feels like drinking fresh orange juice gently sparkled with chilli... and it concludes flawlessly with two reworks that prolong the album's laidback yet assured vibe. First off is Black Spuma (Lauer of Tuff City Kids fame and Italian disco legend Fabrizio Mammarella) who rework the title track into a hands-in-the-air boogie monster that will definitely be a festival staple this summer. Finally, Lerosa emphasizes the deeper shade of the album's spectrum with an impressive new wave rework of „Appeal“. Distribution: DNP Berlin Release Date 2*12" + Digi: 05 / 2017 Cat-No: FM12022 Artist: Moon Title: Industrie & Zärtlichkeit Label: Frank Music A1: The Great Attractor A2: Industrie & Zärtlichkeit A3: Proto B1: Fjordig B2: Café Del Landwehrkanal B3: Light Of Virtue C1: MFB Nights (You Needed Someone) C2: Machine Rhythm Tomorrow C3: The Bitter End D1: Industrie & Zärtlichkeit (Black Spuma Remix) D2: Appeal (Lerosa Remix)

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8. Achterbahn D'Amour "JX3"

Achterbahn D'Amour

12" coming dec 2013 Artist: Achterbahn D'Amour Track: JX3 Label: Frank Music Cat No: FM12012

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9. Johannes Albert "Giovanni Frizzante" (incl Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Johannes Albert

Tataaa! A full on 12“ Disco EP coming your way via the notorious Frank Music label. Johannes Albert - in Italy they call him Giovanni Alberto - plays the rattle bass and bangs out the sweetest piano solo you will hear all year. „Giovanni Frizzante“ it is. Truth is he just watched a „how to make italo disco in ableton“ tutorial and listened to another 238 Lauer tracks for inspiration on top. Accompanied by a more sample-laden arp-disco tune that won’t give you any cure. Added for good measure? Jep, Prins Thomas Diskomiks on the flip in all its glory. What could possibly go wrong? Johannes Albert "Giovanni Frizzante“ (FM12023) Distribution: DNP Berlin Release Date 12" + Digi: 09 / 2017 Cat-No: FM12023 Artist: Johannes Alberto Title: Giovanni Frizzante (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) Label: Frank Music A1: Giovanni Frizzante A2: D-Trainse (No Cure Mixx) B1: Giovanni Frizzante (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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10. RTR15 - A3 - Johannes Albert - Co Co Jam Boo

  • Published: 2014-03-13T17:18:42Z
  • By retreat
RTR15 - A3 - Johannes Albert - Co Co Jam Boo

Retreat celebrates its fifth birthday with a very special edition of the infamous »Treats« series! Volume 5 is the label’s first double vinyl in a carefully designed gatefold sleeve and features exclusive music from all the Retreat regulars as well as exciting new guests: Session Victim, Quarion, Iron Curtis, Mr Beatnick, Kim Brown, Jamie Lloyd and many more. »Treats Vol. 5« is a fantastic collection of tracks that stands on its own as a compilation while offering some of the most heartfelt House music for 2014 and beyond.

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11. PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - Dancefloors & You

PREMIERE :  Johannes Albert - Dancefloors & You

Johannes Albert dropping four brand new house cuts. A side with smooth disco house fantasies, imagine just a slightly cheaper version of a Soundstream record. “Town” on the flip side comes more like well , think of Tiga releasing on Playhouse anno 2004 and you get there. Maybe not. Oh yes Jay ain’t no singer but hey… dj bonus tool attached to make up for it. Out 15/01/2017

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12. Feel My Bicep Mixtape 81 | Johannes Albert

Feel My Bicep Mixtape 81 | Johannes Albert

“Well, I’ve been travelling a lot. Italy, the UK and Japan were my highlights. More holidays than work so I got lucky. Playing music for people I would never ever dare to call ‘work’ anyways. Besides I set up my new studio above Renate club here in Berlin. Maybe this was a bit of work then? Building absorbers, renovating and stuff to make the room sound good, you know. So I’m looking forward to next winter season where I should be spending a lot time inside by then. Wait, no heating installed yet. Damn. The mix was recorded at my Neukölln apartment. I was using the Standard setup: My beloved 10 year old Rane Empath Rotary Mixer, a bunch of CDJs as well as the classic Technics 1210. Another amp from the 80s and one day I got some older Canton speakers. Music all went into the tascam recorder. So that is that. The idea of a dj mix, that is still a tough one. After thinking about it for months (or seconds for that matter) I just told myself ‘it’s basically one hour of dance music’ … right? So I went through my digital and analog shelves and went for a selection of music I like to play and (rarely but it happens) dance to these days. A lot of upcoming stuff I made myself plus some soon-to-be-released music and some arpy trance classic back from 1993 as a bonus. So yeah a bit of everything, including sloppy mixes. I tried hard not to get you bored. Maybe we should call this mix ‘The Idea Of A Trance Part 7’?” Up next… “What comes after travelling? Right on, travelling. After some more vacational days I’ll have the honour to play some shows around including Amsterdam and finally Robert Johnson, which is my definition of a club ever since. And god. I love to DJ. The motivation gets better each and every year. No kidding. On the producer side of things I have 2 more EPs coming your way early fall. Both on my own labels ‘Frank Music’ and ‘Fine’. One of them is called “Giovanni Frizzante” and it does what it says on the tin. Italo time. Before you ask – yeah you will actually hear it in the mix. Also a bit proud that Mr. Prins Thomas provided another Diskomiks for us.”

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13. PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - Minilogue

PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - Minilogue

Do you remember "Groove la Chord“? Well, we dive into similar Rave territories with Johannes Albert and his "Generators“. Some might call it peak time stormer. Endless arps warped into nasty basslines is what we manage on "Minilogue“. Yeah it’s kind of a tribute to a silver machine. Please wait for the break, though. Calming things down with a skit of Ambient. Well, 2018, bring it on!

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14. PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - Beach Reach

PREMIERE : Johannes Albert - Beach Reach

* Read more : * Watch on YouTube : * Pre-order : When it comes to producing dance-floor ready edits, few are doing it better than Tilman and Johannes Albert. Having started the label Fine together back in 2016, these German-based lads have used their imprint to share their takes on some of disco's greatest tunes from the past. In their upcoming release titled The Weekender, the two have decided to join forces once again by coming out with a 4-track EP that will have DJs around the world chomping at the bit to rinse them out in their sets. The lead track from the EP is called "Beach Reach," and was produced by Mr. Albert. Fans of the British funk band Delegation will instantly recognize this song as an edit of their original "Stand Up Reach For The Sky." Johannes is quite respectful in his rendition of the tune, leaving a lot of its key elements intact. Instead, Johannes chooses to up the intensity by using expertly selected guitar riffs and percussion to create looped melodies which transform the song into an unadulterated groove!

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15. Johannes Albert - Giovanni Frizzante (STW Premiere)

Johannes Albert - Giovanni Frizzante (STW Premiere)

A highlight of his b2b with Move D at Gottwood this year, Johannes Albert brings the italo seasoning for a new EP on his own Frank Music, revved up by one of the hardest piano solos you'll hear all year. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

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16. Shite Premiere | Johannes Albert - Frisco Fun

Shite Premiere | Johannes Albert - Frisco Fun

A2 of the upcoming Lousy Livin´ EP. Fine fulfills DJs and dancers needs alike. Fresh edit-styled hits as always. Come as you are. Artists: Johannes Albert Title: Lousy Livin´ EP Label: FINE Cat #: FINE06 Release date: 10.10.2017 Distributed by Shite Links: @sayhitofine @johannesalbert

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17. PREMIERE: Johannes Albert - Covered Call [Fine]

PREMIERE: Johannes Albert - Covered Call [Fine]

After a string of strong releases, Fine (@sayhitofine) are back. For their 6th release, label co-founder Johannes Albert (@johannesalbert) takes the reins with the Lousy Livin' EP. The end result is a collection of floor-shaking deep house jams. Covered Call is a strong opening to the EP, a thumping journey lined with strings, horns and euphoric vocals. The Lousy Livin' EP is out on vinyl & digital on October 10th 2017. Buy:

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19. Klamauk° 008 - Johannes Albert - Palm Saturdays - Preview

  • Published: 2015-12-09T09:27:11Z
  • By klamauk
Klamauk° 008 - Johannes Albert - Palm Saturdays - Preview

Johannes Albert - Palm Saturdays EP (Klamauk008) Artist: Johannes Albert Title: Palm Saturdays Cat.No: Klak 008 Format: 12’’ w/ Fullcover + Digital Release Date: 01.02.2016 Distribution: Diamond & Pearls and Finetunes Artwork: Karsten Brommenschenkel Vinyl available here: Decks Records: Juno Records: Deejay: Phonica: Redeye Records: Hardwax: Clone: Oye Records: Bandcamp: Tracklist: A1 Frentic Moment A2 Frentic Moment (Christopher Rau remix) B1 Lift Me Up Tight B2 A Door I Only Opened Once Johannes Albert on: Soundcloud: Facebook: Klamauk are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Palm Saturdays EP by new label signing Johannes Albert. With his first release coming in 2010 on Oskar Offerman’s White, Johannes has been very busy since then with a string of EPs and one LP across some very exciting labels. Albert’s exceptional talent and sound made him an ideal partner to work with the label. And when you throw an excellent Christopher Rau remix into the equation, you end up with a very exciting EP indeed. The 4 track EP kicks off with the warm and open groover of “Frentic Moment” which sets things up nicely. From here we move on to Christopher Rau’s remix which keeps some of the dreamy elements of the original but this time underpins everything with a jacking 808 rhythm workout. Over on the flipside Johannes brings the tempo down with “Lift Me Up Tight” which is a gorgeous, beatdown bubbler with pulsing organ stabs and half heard vocal samples. Last but not least we have “A Door I Only Opened Once” which again is a low tempo number but rather than the laid back feel of the previous track, this is brooding and intense.

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20. A1 People Say (Fred P Reshape)

A1 People Say (Fred P Reshape)

Hi there, I asked some people to reeemix my album 'Hotel Novalis'. Really happy what Fred P, Moomin, Lauer & Orson Wells did to my tracks. From the inner trance into dreamy mood - from frankfurt's craze acid to larry's w-funk: people say it's house music after all. 12" comes with additional sticker. Hope you enjoy ze music äs much as I do. Peace, Johannes

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