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1. Never Needed You Lyrics

Never Needed You Lyrics

The air feels heavy I can’t breath in here A long long time ago liked having you near me But now I’m big and sometimes even strong I’m strong enough to see that you were wrong I never needed

2. I Miss The Rain Lyrics

I Miss The Rain Lyrics

I miss the rain I miss the rain So I stay indoors all day I miss the rain, I miss the rain The skies are blue there's no reason To complain But all the same I miss the rain We've had seven d

3. Little Light Lyrics

Little Light Lyrics

Hush falls over the night You won’t find me sleeping There’s a little light In my heart for safekeeping Cold feet on the floor All feels so exciting Creaking of the door Right where I was

4. Pop Song Lyrics

Pop Song Lyrics

People often ask me Why I don’t write a song About the nights without you Being cold and long How I loose track of time Just looking in your eyes Gazing at the stars Telling pretty lies

5. Empty Eyes Lyrics

Empty Eyes Lyrics

Scared and I’m cold Drenched in the lies You told With your empty eyes You’ve got empty eyes, empty eyes I’m happy I’m angry I laugh then I shout I’m learning how to cope Melted t

6. Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics

They talk and smile but I can’t hear I nod along just in case In my head I’m nowhere near I’m in a better place I'm always on the run and I hate copy paste for god's sake I feel small I hid

7. Queen Bee Lyrics

Queen Bee Lyrics

Our flag is his coat As he marches Down the middle of the road We slowly walk behind him As we try to understand this game Towards the sun This fight has only just begun There ain’t many thin

8. Lucky Lyrics

Lucky Lyrics

In a house by the bend in the road Lives such a lucky boy He loves to let it show No matter heads or tales Seems like the wind Is always in his sails He’s got a four-leaved clover Tattooed

9. Sunrise Lyrics

Sunrise Lyrics

You warm me up when the world gets cold With words that don't get old When nothing's being said They echo in my head Moments hidden in routine Nicer than they seem When you look at me With ey

10. Wolf Lyrics

Wolf Lyrics

He ran up the path with blood on his hands And a fear I'd never seen He stops for a breath and a backwards glance What could this have been Wolves, wolves don't howl at my door I don't want you

11. Treasures Lyrics

Treasures Lyrics

If I only had tomorrow Today I’d look for you If I only had tomorrow Yes that’s what I would do And I’d hold you closer than I ever have before Like I told you I have never wished for mor

12. Happily Ever After Lyrics

Happily Ever After Lyrics

You're sitting by the angel fountain Do you want to share my blanked I ask you Hoping for a positive answer You smile and slowly walk towards me As you come closer I notice the unique colour of

13. Hometown Hero Lyrics

Hometown Hero Lyrics

We stand in a pack staring Like younger girls do They all look apple cheeked I’m sure I do too It's way past midnight Sweat makes hair stick To the back of my neck This excites me He's m

14. Ski Jumper Lyrics

Ski Jumper Lyrics

He told her he would give everything If she just could bring him A ski jumper And after the next few weeks He likes the jumper heaps And he wants to be A ski jumper He's standing there tall

15. Sumri Hallar Lyrics

Sumri Hallar Lyrics

( Icelandic Folk Song ) Sumri Hallar hausta fer Heyri snjallir ýtar Hafa fjallahnjúkarnir Húfur mjalla hvítar Girnast allar elfur skjól Undir mjallar þaki Þorir varla að sýna sól

16. Celebration Lyrics

Celebration Lyrics

Someday I'll find myself In a vacuum with you And I'll unwind and stay behind your shoulder And I'll unwind and stay behind your shoulder Celebration, celebration Celebration, celebration My

17. Younger Longer Lyrics

Younger Longer Lyrics

You're the star of my dreams My personal sunbeam My heart is your home I'm never alone Sometimes I'm in the dream too Just looking at you We shout and we play We're finding our way We're n

18. Ice Cream is Nice Lyrics

Ice Cream is Nice Lyrics

He's a big blue monster From a cartoon script He could have guns Shoot bang from the hop His ammunition is not real There's nothing to fear There's nothing to fear I've got it all figured out

19. Who Loves the Sun Lyrics

Who Loves the Sun Lyrics

( Lou Reed ) Who loves the sun Who cares that it makes plants grow Who cares what it does Since you broke my heart Who loves the wind Who cares that it makes breezes Who cares what it does

20. Fucked Up Mind Lyrics

Fucked Up Mind Lyrics

Leave in an instant I won't blame you I guess I would hate me too It's crazy I know So you should go I didn't know what else to do Admit if you're scared You so wanna cry Don't understand J