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2. The Mexican

The Mexican The Mexican, By The GZA. Feat. Tom Morello Artwork by Brian Butler Cover of Babe Ruth's 1972 song, The Mexican. Produced by: GZA Arranged & Mixed by: Jose “Choco” Reynoso Lead Vocals: GZA Female Vocals: anonymous Recorded at: Red Bull Studios Bass: Jose “Choco” Reynoso Guitars: Tom Morello, Hanni El Khatib, Dante Cimadamore, Jerome Wilson Jordan Keyboards: Isamu McGregor, Jose “Choco” Reynoso Percussion: Ruban Nielson (UMO)

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7. GZA x Sweet Valley - "Planetary Energy"

GZA x Sweet Valley -

“Planetary Energy” is the third single off of the third Converse CONS compilation, CONS EP Vol. 3. The music was recorded and produced by Sweet Valley, and the vocals were written and recorded by GZA at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Music by: Sweet Valley Written by: GZA Vocals by: GZA Mixed by: Tony Stanziano at Converse Rubber Tracks and Sweet Valley Recorded by: Tony Stanziano at Converse Rubber Tracks

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8. GZA/Genius Shadow Boxing RMX Ft. Method Man (VERSE*ALL RMX)

GZA/Genius Shadow Boxing RMX Ft. Method Man (VERSE*ALL RMX)

Produced By: VERSE*ALL Wu-Tang Remixed coming soon!

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10. GZA / Genius "Alphabets" -Pro-Tools (2008)

GZA / Genius

This was HUGE for me coming right off the success of ALMIGHTY. Finally, M-Eighty working on a member of the Wu-Tang Clan's album after my extensive work with Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, and the likes. "Alphabets" displays the lyrical dexterity and grimy story telling from the GZA I admire. Depending on when and where you bought this album you may or may not have a copped a copy that has my name in the credits. See around this time Babygrande and Dreddy Kruger (Think Differently) were at odds over certain monies owed or yet to be paid, scheduling etc and Babygrande had made a very very SIZEABLE offer for M-Eighty to step in in lieu of Dreddy and deliver some very valuable products their way. As a loyal person, I told Dreddy of this and instead of him thanking me for informing him he lost his cool and didn't view my loyalty in the same light as he felt the student was beginning to out grow the teacher for Babygrande to make such a prominent offer for me to carry on the TDMG brand under their wing without Dreddy. From that day forth, Dreddy and I haven't worked on a single project together. Dreddy has since worked alongside Folk & Stress & the 67 Mob and the student definitely became the new Master as my works to follow included releases from Canibus, Keith Murray, Timbo King, Kurupt, and many more! Tracks / features recorded for this album that didn't make the final product included: Killah Priest, Sean Price, and Mos Def which time didnt permit for.

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11. Wu Banga - GZA

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  • By ODB36
Wu Banga - GZA

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16. Cinema feat. GZA

Cinema feat. GZA

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17. Wunderbar


Track 2 "Wunderbar" from brand new band Gza Gza Gza (pronounced Zsa Zsa Zsa). Feat. Abby Travis and Tommy and Len from Anubian Lights!

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18. Chaza


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19. Wu Block "Drivin Round" (Featuring Sheek Louch, Masta Killah, Gza and Erykah Badu)

Wu Block

From the Wu Block album Get it on iTunes here:

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20. 09 GZA - Liquid Swords

  • Published: 2016-01-03T17:41:47Z
  • By rusik_wu
09 GZA - Liquid Swords

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