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1. Colossus Usa Lyrics

Colossus Usa Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Colossus Usa whatcha live for when you noone what ya do and where ya come from you call i feel a lack of grace a certain disconnection dissapated understanding seems lik

2. Open Sky Lyrics

Open Sky Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Open Sky open sky open ether open rise up inside i see it its true.. yeah its true open sky open ether all rise up in ether all rise up inside believe it its true yeah it

3. L.a. Girl Lyrics

L.a. Girl Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers L.a. Girl this is the story about a circle of women very fucked up women on an la mission this is the glory gonna get their hooks in gonna drag you way down do ya wanna g

4. Oldscratch Lyrics

Oldscratch Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Oldscratch heres the chance to express your liberty noone but you can know what stepping down can mean despotic leader kills the bravest traitor on the street but keep t

5. The World Comes Tumblin' Lyrics

The World Comes Tumblin' Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers The World Comes Tumblin' start a riot, slash ya wrists red you want an answer? do you speak delinquently oh yeah? theres a message antagonist you want an answer? i bet

6. The Blackest Years Lyrics

The Blackest Years Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers The Blackest Years oh berlin your heart has been drawn and quartered again the east and the west were divided by a wall that staunched their freedom..well the wall came do

7. Oh Serena Lyrics

Oh Serena Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Oh Serena oh serena. i know what theyre saying about you. they all say its a resistance. they all say that ya didnt listen. well they all have scars on their eyes, its tru

8. Red Carpet And Rebellion Lyrics

Red Carpet And Rebellion Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Red Carpet And Rebellion red carpet and rebellion makes ya wonder at these established ones they aint out to get ya cause your a mile .. away i heard a siren, a city

9. Idoless Lyrics

Idoless Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Idoless i dont know but i know it you better find out what your place is urban plight is in the city streets its infectious and its complacent idoless over expressio

10. Ask The Angels Lyrics

Ask The Angels Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Ask The Angels Moooooove! Ask the angels who they're calling, Go ask the angels if they're calling to thee Ask the angels while they're falling Who that person could po

11. Distilla Truant Lyrics

Distilla Truant Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Distilla Truant i dont know why ya come here i dont know what you want from me everybody says you use me oh why did you take that oh why did you make me im the one who

12. Girlfixer Lyrics

Girlfixer Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Girlfixer no more coquettish look on your face not so much pretty ugly but youre in your place hide behind your man dont dare to think for you keep your claws off me as i

13. Blackheart Lyrics

Blackheart Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Blackheart the one time you lied you were high, so high my life in my time you walk black lines hey clean your mess hey youre a mess the one time i lied .. all

14. Gypsy Rose Lee Lyrics

Gypsy Rose Lee Lyrics

Distillers The Distillers Gypsy Rose Lee when i see you lay down under pink laquered skies baby ill give you something thatll shut your eyes to this mess when i love you baby i mean it more tha

15. Dismantle Me Lyrics

Dismantle Me Lyrics

Distillers Miscellaneous Dismantle Me i fancy you but i've been destitute and all i know dissolved i could never reundo you i will always say it's so i will always speak the truth descend into a

16. Lordy Lordy Lyrics

Lordy Lordy Lyrics

Distillers Sing Sing Death House Lordy Lordy Oh lordy lordy Well your head hangs below the ground Oh lordy lordy Well i think thats where your found And so they tell me that you aint my friend

17. Bullet & The Bullseye Lyrics

Bullet & The Bullseye Lyrics

Distillers Sing Sing Death House Bullet & The Bullseye I am the bullet and youre the bullseye When i hit theres nothing left Ive been living in a boundryless land I was blind but now ive got my s

18. Desperate Lyrics

Desperate Lyrics

Distillers Sing Sing Death House Desperate One two three four THis is a war Yeah yeah yeah im desperate Im going back again Yeah im desperate Going back in style Going back a mile Dirty her

19. Coral Fang Lyrics

Coral Fang Lyrics

Distillers Miscellaneous Coral Fang it's come to take from the ripe it feels so still i could just die, just die it's come to reach up inside oh how the blood stains well on white oooaooo the

20. Hall of Mirrors Lyrics

Hall of Mirrors Lyrics

Distillers Miscellaneous Hall of Mirrors i come down like a hurricane sucked up inside and i spit out the suffer, yea you say you want a revelation, revel in this my lover you're free at liberty