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1. Charles Chaim Wax - Another Day At Spinoza High School

  • Duration: 138
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Another Day At Spinoza High School

Matters went from bad to worse at Spinoza High School turning the place into a veritable cauldron of confusion. First, Murry Vos was pushed down a flight of stairs the man represented twenty years of experience both legs broken out for the term culprit never caught. Next, Henrietta Saxe finally achieved her goal of becoming a porno star, moved to Hollywood, and changed her name to Darling thus the Drama Department suddenly found itself without a teacher. Then, without warning, the mouse population exploded. Marie Simonpoetri, who taught biology, said the warm moist summer caused it all. In any case, they were bold little critters, sniffing pant legs and marching across desks while class chugged on students utterly immersed in joy as tiny mouse feet turned boredom into Pandemonium. Attempting a bit of creativity I set bowls of Gerbil food in the right front corner of the room for “Feeding.” No good. Apparently this particular species had been created with a sweet tooth and searched student’s back packs for chocolate chip cookies, Snickers, Little Debbie Cakes and other sundry bits of concentrated sugar. I suggested to my students to leave such tidbits home “Not coming to school Bernstein, ” said Larry Fiddle. Others threw papers slung paper clips whistled hissed hooted and in unison whipped out their goodies munching loudly. Charles Chaim Wax

2. Charles Chaim Wax - Open School Night At Spinoza HS

  • Duration: 40
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Open School Night At Spinoza HS

A woman walked in, sat next to my desk, said, “You know, my son is insane.” “And you are…” “The mother of Irving Mandelbaum.” Not looking a bit like Iriving I said, ”Oh” which she must taken the wrong way because she said, “Last time I checked my pussy.” “Oh” again, this time slowly rising not wanting to upset the woman whose hand suddenly gripped my wrist preventing any further escape. Taking a different path I asked, “Do you work out? ” my entire arm now throbbing. “Not taking Thorazine any more, ” she said smiling, then moving closer whispered, “From his father, the insanity, not me.” Another try: “Iriving’s a bit high strung but…” Even closer now saying, “You saved my dear Iriving’s life.” A smell: marijuana, honey, bananas in deep decay, possibly all three. “Without you he’d be by now a dead fat boy.” “I try, ” I said, always glad to hear I did a bit of good, although in this case couldn’t figure out my gift. “He writes poetry, ” she said, tears now moving even closer breasts an inch from my face nipples doing something under the tight shirt, finally, “All because of you calm now, calmer, blowing fart bubbles in the bathtub, scribbling away with the special underwater pen I bought him.” I stared at the mother of Irving Mandelbaum calmer myself her happiness somehow shifted into me. Charles Chaim Wax

3. Charles Chaim Wax - Another Life 1

  • Duration: 40
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Another Life 1

By dawn the purple cold of Canada would settle into Coney Island where Freeborn slept under the Boardwalk bundled up with layer upon layer of clothing his home a refrigerator carton or a number of mattress boxes taped together. He explained, “The cartons block the wind so if you got enough clothes on and ain’t dead your own body heats up the little space alright. Hell, I’m lucky. I’m the one got a right to be called Warrior.” Now everyone huddled indoors: in Kansas Fried Chicken, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Meng’s, or Mike’s restaurant under the station or in Faber’s Fascination. It was good to be indoors when the temperature dipped past zero and the wind blasted off the awesome Atlantic. In the dark just the cold wind having supremacy over all. Then I got coffee with a free Oreo cookie from Phillip’s International Toffee House and watched white mist float free and then from the cookie which I dipped in when a stray dog appeared glanced up, sad brown eyes seemed sad so dropped the cookie which he gladly took seemed glad, then went on this lone dog in the dead of winter in Coney Island with not much chance for life unless he found a few of his own kind to travel with. Charles Chaim Wax

4. Charles Chaim Wax - Another rough day

  • Duration: 18
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Another rough day

at Spinoza high school: Ernie Hopp fell asleep in class and somehow don’t know how some kids wrapped him up in Saran wrap thankfully omitting the nose so he could breathe. Charles Chaim Wax

5. Charles Chaim Wax - Here's another story

  • Duration: 65
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Here's another story

I lifted from a student but twenty-two years ago so in the Public Domain by now anyway kid’s name was Sargent Roach A Time I Helped Another Human Being: I was hanging with my homeboys on a Friday night when this Jewish lady said, “Sonny, can you come turn on my lights? ” Walking along she explained how she couldn’t use electricity on the Sabbath. and I did it for her. She said, “Thank you.” and wanted to give me $6. I politely refused. End of story. But when I told the guys They said I was stupid “No, ” I said “my heart feels good No price on that.” They stared at me for awhile until each one smiled knowing that feeling is hard to come by on the streets of Brooklyn. Charles Chaim Wax

6. Charles Chaim Wax - Again doom

  • Duration: 50
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Again doom

and I didn’t want it, to be close afterwards unable to escape bad dreams and the immense sadness of olives as she stuffed them tightly into the plastic container red and green and black and “You only take me here once a month” referring to Brighton Beach, and the food stores lining the block her brother a buddy of mine run over forty years ago who knows what happened to her and then the guy she lived with for a decade ran away, she said he also ran away from his first wife, what that meant I had no idea. “My eyes feel a terrible strain when I’m at the computer, ” she said. I said, “Get a new pair of glasses on Nostrand Avenue, $35.” “They’re only a dollar in the 99 cent store.” “They just make things bigger” I wanted to say, “don’t really incorporate vision correction” but said nothing. She smiled, a youthful fifty-three, and only a few wrinkles. “Unless you want to pay, ” she said, always talking about money, as if she had none, but with her father’s credit cards wanted for nothing, except love. Once a week she went to a Recovery group at Lutheran Hospital started after the man ran away a place to go doom less horrific when huddled together each shattered soul enunciating details. No hope, I thought her glistening tears destined to drop only on the vast desert of her own heart to no avail then, Surely hope, a bit after all she simply wanted a decent lad to spend a dollar on Chinese food to show he cared, the ache for movie love long gone from the night and not wanting to witness the final scene I could not turn away. Charles Chaim Wax

7. Charles Chaim Wax - Shark Man

  • Duration: 133
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Shark Man

As I ate tofu ravioli at my sister’s place the phone rang Annie answered a moment later saying, “Shark attacked Navin.” “What? ” said my sister grabbing the receiver. Five minutes later she told the story of how her eighteen year old son Navin had been zooming on his jet ski when he lost control and flipped off sadly the machine sped away as he bobbed in the water the current too strong for him to swim after it so he screamed for help but ten minutes later tired of howling he simply quivered on the open sea as four hammerheads crisscrossed in front of him but a yacht soon showed up hauling him out: the Captain dubbing Navin Shark Man because not one even nibbled a toe. The next day my sister called saying, “Navin made a grand last night.” “Oh.” “Dave Eickwort owner of the Banana Peel read the article called Navin and offered him a job as a male stripper so he prances on stage wearing a fancy shark skin suit then peels it off to Mambo music with women stuffing hundred dollar bills in his jock strap.” I said proudly, “The young lad’s found his true calling— a rare accomplishment in these days of turmoil and confusion.” “But is there a future in stripping? ” asked my sister always worrying even when good fortune appeared this time via four not too hungry hammerhead sharks. Charles Chaim Wax

8. Charles Chaim Wax - Leaving the Dust Behind

  • Duration: 161
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Leaving the Dust Behind

“Zobel Gibbs jumped off the roof in my home town, ” said Treasure. “I’ll never forget his body as he lay there. hitting the concrete face first. I never knew such an unhappy soul. When I was seventeen I slept with him— to give that tortured man a taste of pleasure but the depression was so deep that afterwards he asked, ‘What now? ’ Just delight wasn’t enough for him. He wanted something more. No one knew what that ‘more’ was. I don’t think he knew himself. Only five people attended the funeral. My mother wept since they were childhood sweethearts so when my father died she took it into her head to care for Zobel. Maybe she thought to cure him. Maybe she was lonely. Maybe Zobel brought back memories of a happy childhood. I don’t know but I don’t believe they were lovers. Soul mates might be the term. This went on for eight years. Zobel wrote poetry. Sadly he invented so many words none of it made any sense. My mother, she said she loved his verse. Not that she understood a word of it either. But something inside of him never felt what my mother said. I tried to speak to him, boost his spirits, but the mystery of his sadness remained. I caught him one time just before dawn staring out the window crying. ‘Zobel, ’ I said, ‘what’s happening? ’ He rocked back and forth. That motion soothed him, a little. ‘Out there, ' he said, then burst into tears again. I was angry so few people showed up at his grave. Charles Chaim Wax

9. Charles Chaim Wax - The world continues on with death

  • Duration: 10
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - The world continues on with death

Unknown names too vast for any tongue to declare, or arms to lift up each bit of flesh destroyed by torture on the open honest fields of grass yearning for sun for rain. Charles Chaim Wax

10. Charles Chaim Wax - When Hearts Are Crushed By Vast Stones

  • Duration: 106
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - When Hearts Are Crushed By Vast Stones

I trudged into the bus plopped down closed my eyes when I heard a rattling sound then a clank and opening my eyes spotted Pepsi bottle on the floor closed my eyes and heard the bottle rattle then, “Baby’s back, ” from one of the dope smokers at the back of the bud musta thrown it now watched when suddenly an old woman struggled to her feet while the bus clattered on and just as she was upright the Pepsi bottle hurtled down the aisle kicked by the dope smokers and the old woman stepped then fell on her back crying, “God. God. I can’t move.” The driver pulled to the curb went to help but I called out, “DON’T TOUCH HER “injuries you cannot see may be present so the good you do might cause irreversible harm GET A DOCTOR GET A DOCTOR.” As soon as I entered my apartment I mumbled “Shoulda picked up the damn bottle” and that night the sight of the old woman kept sleep from me and at 5: 03 in the morning I wrote on my white wall: TAKE BETTER CARE in immense letters continuing on until the first light of dawn. Charles Chaim Wax

11. Charles Chaim Wax - Continuing To Celebrate the Solemn Festival of Life

  • Duration: 40
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Continuing To Celebrate the Solemn Festival of Life

As soon as I tottered into Meng’s Sam said, “Bernstein, over here.” Unbearable heat, the humidity a rabid beast why I came in I don’t know. I plopped down saying, “Hot as hell in here.” “My doctor tells me don’t stay in the house, ” said Sam. Then added: “I speak to my doctor every day.” “If you had money you’d be better off, ” said Bill. Sweat now burning my eyes. Blinking and blinking. “We did everything wrong, ” said Sam “We’re not the only ones, ” said Bill, “there’s plenty like us.” “Huey, ” I called out, “turn up the air-conditioner.” People suddenly stare, of course no air-conditioning. Sam and Bill without a whiff of moisture on their seventy year old brows. “I though I knew it all, ” said Sam “If you didn’t get married you’d be better off.” “I’m terrible alone.” “I mean financially.” Sam moaned, “I’d be nuts alone.” “What about TV? ” “I watch the radio but mostly I don’t wanna work no more have to or the money will be down to nothing.” Twenty napkins already used up still drenched, the lads still going strong. Bill said, “What’s a matter, your brother, the big financial wiz, Norman, can’t help you.” “He tells me to stop eating but you remember the blue hat? I lost it don’t know where. If I found it everything would be OK.” Charles Chaim Wax

12. Charles Chaim Wax - With Certain Secret Incantations

  • Duration: 57
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - With Certain Secret Incantations

Little Lucy a miniscule black haired critter with her bottom teeth slanting past the lower lip looks at once befuddled and innocent walked before dawn every day by a man leaning on an aluminum cane Little Lucy trotting on in quick tiny steps tail up, twirling fellow doesn’t speak English got the name from his wife Loocei Lueci not sure doesn’t make a difference and not my dog but bouncing along I try the leap not possible her joy too perfect for ponderous human flesh. . Charles Chaim Wax

13. Charles Chaim Wax - Inscribed On This Gravestone of Flesh

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Inscribed On This Gravestone of Flesh

Helping an old man push his shopping cart, how old I don’t know, she tripped,84 herself, my sister there immediately calling an ambulance. She told me of this that night said, “If only she didn’t do that.” stopped her said, “She needed to from love or pride, don’t know.” Next day the news: broke her hip worse afterwards if the operation went well an aluminum walker to lean on. And all her life hauling groceries and laundry. The only matter now I’d tell her, if I dared, to carry on beyond the inconceivable betrayal of the body which once she called her own. Charles Chaim Wax

14. Charles Chaim Wax - In Hopes of A Happier Life

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - In Hopes of A Happier Life

Ever since Andrew Stern’s wife left him for guy living next door he couldn’t shake the blues well, eleven years of marriage down the drain so one day Henry F trying to be helpful said, “When my pet goldfish Mr. Ben Brilliant passed away I was thrown into such agony as few men have ever known cause the joy his swimming around gave me can’t be put into words at least not my words so I’ll just say watching Mr. Ben Brilliant gave me delight— joy, joy’s the word and such a golden orange he was to dazzle the eye for two days he floated on the surface of the water finally my dear wife said, ‘Enough. He’s garbage.’ I was taken aback by her cruelty. I said, ‘Mr. Ben brilliant is getting a proper burial.’ so at once I went to the Yellow pages and looked up Pet Cemeteries closest one being in Huntington, Long Island I dialed then heard the toilet flush such a sound the human mind cannot imagine so to make a long story short I sunk into a catatonic coma for three days and three nights then the great Rebbe Nachman of Breslov told me what to do in a dream and I did it straight-away racing to the pet store and bought a Mr. Ben Brilliant Jr.” “The point, ” moaned Andrew Stern, my wife ain’t a goldfish.” “Uh, well, yeah I was getting to that quoting the Rebbe now: ‘It is a great achievement to be happy! ’” Charles Chaim Wax

15. Charles Chaim Wax - Seeping from

  • Duration: 10
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Seeping from

that final empty sigh only some words I have no regrets. Charles Chaim Wax

16. Charles Chaim Wax - Christmas Day

  • Duration: 50
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - Christmas Day

When I ambled into Meng’s the place was packed even though this was Christmas day. Well, not every soul in Brooklyn had a place to celebrate the holiday, thus Meng’s flourished as refuge. “Bernstein, here, ” said Joe Lutz. “Greetings, ” I cheerfully proclaimed but Joe’s drunken breath told another tale as he sobbed, “My old man killed himself on Christmas day and after that things was never the same mother went nuts loved my father so and after that I never got a present. She tried to raise us kids but couldn’t. Then one boyfriend after the other in the house and doing things with her. The worst was a stranger on Christmas day and my mother always made sure to have a body on Christmas day. Never a real tree, year after year a tiny plastic thing maybe a foot high without lights.” Just then Treasure showed up sat smiled said, “Merry Christmas.” Joe silent staring perhaps a tear couldn’t tell head down. “That OK to say to a Jewish man, ” she asked me. “Sure.” “And it’s gonna snow know you love snow.” “Yes.” Treasure silent, staring at Joe now at me asking, “What’s with Lutz? ” “Father killed himself on Christmas day.” “So.” “Never been the same.” “So.” “You know, couldn’t handle it, the pain.” “Then he’ll suffer, ” Treasure said calmly as Lutz blinked, then gulped, blinked again still silent, waiting, wanting time to shift, somehow turn or bend or break but Treasure’s implacable eyes would not let that happen so again: “Merry Christmas.” Charles Chaim Wax

17. Charles Chaim Wax - You think that's funny

  • Duration: 22
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - You think that's funny

Something's wrong with me Or them I'm talking the men and women Who deliver the weather All of 'em like heat While I'm a blizzard through and through. Charles Chaim Wax

18. Charles Chaim Wax - In the Monastery

  • Duration: 101
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - In the Monastery

sitting meditation created pain my legs being wooden so I loved walking mediation especially one night when the Head Monk led the way into the darkness with a flashlight and all I could see was the blizzard whizzing past a guy in front of me as the howling wind overwhelmed the heartbeats of humans flipping me into a blip of euphoria my laughter free to fall everywhere without obstruction then serene the wind windless snow soft as an ancient opiate pillow enticing sleep so I stepped off the line lay down unperturbed unemotional in the tranquilizing drifts narcotized by cool dreams of high white stars burning and me burning one utter conflagration and placing palms together babbled, “Bernstein’s coffin is a billion snowflakes— fine with him.” Suddenly the glare of the Head Monk’s flashlight seared my eyes and a second later felt his grip as he whispered, “Cut this amateur crap.” The fellow meant well but the word “amateur” hurt. Charles Chaim Wax

19. Charles Chaim Wax - I Stared Sadly

  • Duration: 82
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - I Stared Sadly

at Hugh as he sat at the long table in the Teacher’s Center having no idea what words would benefit him because when I thought of his misfortune my stomach churned. As a staunch Irish Catholic Hugh had renounced his only child, Patrick, after he revealed his homosexuality then Patrick perished of AIDS without a reconciliation between father and son. Four months later Hugh’s wife, Mary, fell ill. Cancer of the liver. She suffered for six weeks, then passed away. He no longer attended Mass proclaimed openly Satan’s dominance, on earth at least. One day he asked what Buddhism said of these events. I said, “Joy is the absolute basis of all existence, inherent in the very substance and structure of matter and our duty is to tap into that universal rapture. When we did our suffering would cease.” Hugh said, “Gibberish.” Charles Chaim Wax

20. Charles Chaim Wax - no faith in effort

  • Duration: 10
  • Channel: music
Charles Chaim Wax - no faith in effort

tired I drift overwhelmed fluttering at the edge of life Charles Chaim Wax