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1. Cage Fighting & Rapper Shawty Lo In Springfield Saturday Night in HD

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Cage Fighting & Rapper Shawty Lo In Springfield Saturday Night in HD

Fox TV came to Springfield TN Saturday night to film the UCC Cage fights at the Springfield Middle school on 5th Ave. They also had Rapper Shawty Lo of D4L .\r\r\r\rShawty Lo performing in Springfield, TN @ jbmma fight night July 28th..\r\rSpringfield Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. David Estrop, wants students and parents to know that he will not tolerate fighting.His message to the public .\r\rJelly Roll performing @ jbmma fight night in springfield, TN. July 28th.

2. New WhatsApp Status Video ❤

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3. Cute Couple Whatsapp status

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6. Coca Cola - Ramadan 2018

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14. Braun Strowman WWE Return Leaked? Ex TNA Stars Join WWE! | WrestleTalk News June 2017

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Braun Strowman WWE Return Leaked? Ex TNA Stars Join WWE!  | WrestleTalk News June 2017

Braun Strowman WWE return leaked? Ex TNA stars join WWE and more in this WrestleTalk News June 2017... Subscribe to WrestleTalk for daily WWE and wrestling news! Support WrestleTalk on Patreon here! Luke Harper Family Man gimmick on WWE Smackdown Live fallout, via WWE YouTube channel - Aiden English stalking Luke Harper at WWE Smackdown Live house show, via Twitter - Luke Harper twitter - Aiden English mocks Luke Harper on Twitter - Matt and Jeff Hardy missing from WWE Raw, via Cage Side Seats - WWE LIVE SUMMERSLAM HEATWAVE TOUR SPRINGFIELD, via WWE - Braun Strowman WWE return leaked, via WrestleZone - Gunner teases joining WWE on Twitter - Ex-TNA stars Gunner and Thea Trinidad (and more) join WWE, via Pro Wrestling Sheet - Thea Trinidad as AJ Lee in The Rock’s Fighting With My Family, via Pro Wrestling Sheet - Subscribe to the WrestleTalk Podcast Network on iTunes: Catch us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter at:

15. When someone Tease You oops ouch

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When someone Tease You oops ouch

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16. 19 Criminals You Wont Believe Actually Exist

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19 Criminals You Wont Believe Actually Exist

From disturbingly concealed weapons, to alligators being thrown thru fast food joints, these are 19 Criminals you WONT BELIEVE Actually Exist ! \r\r\r7. The Back Tat\rA Colorado crook decided to hijack a car and force the driver to give him a ride across the state. During the drive, the crook decided to stop at a gas station, and decided to go inside without a shirt. However, the mans own last name was tattooed on his bare back, and police were able to identify the man from the gas stations surveillance footage.\r\r6. Bachelor Party Down\rA dozen British men attending a bachelor party had too much fun during a flight from London to Slovakia. When they were told they couldnt have any more alcohol, the men became aggressive, with one removing his clothes. The pilot would have none of it, however, and performed an emergency landing in Berlin, where six of the men were ejected. The other half dozen were allowed to remain on the plane until it reached its destination. \r\r5. Snorting Remains\rThree Florida men broke into a house searching for valuables. They found several urns containing what they thought were crushed pills, which they stole along with jewelry and electronics. After snorting the contents of the urns, the men saw a news report on the theft, and realized that the urn had contained the cremated remains of both the homeowners father and two great danes.\r\r4. No Pants, No Pizza\rOn a Saturday morning in new, Philip Engle of Michigan had consumed four hits of LSD when he decided that he wanted to get some pizza. Naked except for a towel, and carrying a handgun, the man proceeded to bang on the door of the restaurant shouting that he was “trippin out.” Eventually, banging the gun on the door glass eventually caused the window to break and the gun to discharge, leaving a bullet hole in the door frame. Police arrived shortly thereafter to arrest Engle, who never received his pizza.\r\r3. The Lion Fighter\rA man in Melbourne received a black belt in Chinese Kung Fu. Proud of his accomplishment, and sure that he could face any challenge, the man broke into the Melbourne Zoo so he could sneak into the lion cage and prove his skill by fighting the big cat. The cat won: in the morning, zookeepers found the mans remains strewn about the lion cage.\r\r2. The Paranoid Millionaire\rIn 1996 in Denver, Colorado, millionaire Spicer Breeden and his friend sped away from a fancy restaurant in his BMW. Unfortunately, tragedy was just around the corner, and shortly thereafter he was involved in a car accident on the highway. The driver of the other car, Rocky Mountain News reporter Greg Lopez, was instantly killed – but rather than stay and accept responsibility, Breeden and his friend proceeded to drive to a bar and order drinks. Police traced the hit and run to Breeden, who barricaded himself in his houses basement as the helicopters circled above. By the time police had managed to reach Breeden, he had shot his dog and himself. Breedens suicide note said that he was sorry for killing the reporter, but that he believed he was being subjected to surveillance by the government. When a legal battle erupted over whether or not the will he had written before killing himself was valid, lawyers argued that he couldnt have possessed his full mental faculties, since he believed that the government was spying on him. They were proven wrong when evidence revealed that Breeden was indeed being spied on by the government – his paranoia was completely justified.\r\rThe Snatched Gun\rA teenager in Tennessee was pulled over for driving with a suspended license. She received more serious charges when the police discovered that she had a concealed weapon: she had hidden a stolen 4-inch revolver in her vagina. The original owner said he did not want the weapon returned until it had been “bathed in bleach.”\r\rOutro : Which criminal do you think should stay in jail forever for just plane stupidity? Let us know in the comment section below. And show your love by hitting the like and subscribe buttons!\r\rSubscribe to Knowledge Feed for Myth Mania Mondays, F Tree Tuesdays, Wildlife Wednesdays, Origin Thursdays, Fun F Fridays & Wildcard Weekends.

17. Cody Garbrandt Cuts Promo for Caged Madness 44's Austin Meese

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Cody Garbrandt Cuts Promo for Caged Madness 44's Austin Meese

UFC bantamweight star Cody Garbrandt wants you to watch the next generation of his fighting family take the stage at Caged Madness 44 Saturday on FloCombat.

18. Behind the Fighter: Dean Garentt

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Behind the Fighter: Dean Garentt

Featuring in the next instalment of Fight Life TVs Behind The Fighter is Liverpool fighter, coach and businessman, Dean Garnett. Since the age of 19 Dean has been heavily involved in MMA after ditching a career in real estate business, much to the dismay of his parents. Despite their concerns that Dean wouldn’t enter a career with lucrative benefits, he never lost his belief in himself and worked relentlessly to achieve his goals. Ten years on and he is the proud owner of Aspire Combat Sports Academy, has a coaching degree from Liverpool John Moores University and a successful fighting career. Dean’s interest in MMA began when he was 12, after watching the sport on Bravo. At the time Dean was a promising amateur boxer however he was intrigued by MMA he thought it was much rawer. He was especially interested in the submission and grappling side but didn’t think he could pursue a career in MMA in the UK. Seven years later Dean began to search for a gym that taught MMA and he was successful. In less than two years he entered the cage for his first fight after taking the time to refine his skills and technique. He quickly progressed to pro level after annihilating every fighter he came to face something which he has continued to do in his professional career. Dean pins his success on his tenacious training technique that he and his coach have developed together. As Dean is such an elite coach and constantly develops his knowledge he has become a desirable fighter and coach for others. So much so that people are travelling from all over to attend his academy. This isn’t surprising given the multitude of services including large training mats, gym equipment, top end physiotherapy and strengthening facilities and onsite living quarters for travelling athletes. In the two years that ACSA has been running Dean has excelled as an entrepreneur, building an academy that caters for children, amateurs and pro fighters. Having utilised his networking skills, he has been able to create a team of martial art coaches who are qualified in various disciplines. The academy caters to people from all backgrounds and offer classes to children as young as four who are dubbed as little ninjas. He is heavily involved in developing his academy and is even developing a coach education programme which has gained the support of Liverpool John Moores University. The coaching programmed is another attraction to ACSA who are constantly trying to teach and learn from others in a bid to become the best. “Everything is going unbelievably well. Everything that we’ve set out to do we’ve achieved. It wasn’t easy but it has given me mental strength and resilience that I need as a person.” At the moment Dean is training for his upcoming fight at ACB 54 on Saturday 11th March. Having built up a solid team he feels comfortable in taking his business hat off and focusing on his training. As an undefeated champion and his continuing effort to better his technique and fighting skill Dean feels more that comfortable entering the cage and taking the win. “Once I’ve finished my training and done my fight I will be a lady of leisure.”

19. Behind The Fighter: Lawrence Fitzpatrick

  • Duration: 1440
  • Channel: sport
Behind The Fighter: Lawrence Fitzpatrick

Fight Life TV are proud to announce another thrilling instalment to the Behind The Fighter segment, this week’s documentary features the renowned champion Lawrence Fitzpatrick. In the past two years Lawrence has been to hell and back after suffering the loss of his father, incurring multiple injuries and heart palpitations that almost saw the end of his fighting career. In a raw and honest interview Lawrence opens up about his lowest points in his career to his success at pro level. Holding an undefeated fight record, Lawrence found his reputation from amateur level and pro fights held him back in his career. Many fighters either avoided the cage with him or dropped out of fights at the last minute, much to his infuriation. After finally securing a fight, he was forced to back out of the fight after suffering from heart palpitations. Following numerous tests that lasted over a year and a half, Lawrence was losing faith that he would return to the cage. He was devastated that his short career could come to an end at just the age of 30. “It’s like your worst nightmare, I’d probably put my whole life into it and for it to end that way it would have broken my heart. I just want to fulfil my potential.” Luckily at the end of 2015 Lawrence was given the all clear after doctors found the heart palpitations were caused by a benign athletic heart syndrome. The news came as a relief because he could once again enter the cage. While this was a positive outcome, Lawrence was left in limbo, despite his hiatus from the cage his undefeated reputation was scaring fighters away. He was having trouble trying to secure a fight with anyone in the UK. It’s a huge accolade to him yet a devastating blow as he was once again denied from the cage. Although he had hit another brick wall he never gave up, he continued to pursue his career in a bid to up his fighting record. “I just never lost belief that I’m going to do it or that I’m going to get there.” Although he is still actively pursuing his career, Lawrence reckons he will retire in the next five or six years. It’s still very much in the future and he has no intentions of holding back. He is determined to secure more fights with bigger names. So much so that he has accepted a fight with Felony Charles Bennett formally known as Charles Crazy Horse Bennett, a renowned and unpredictable fighter with a mighty reputation. Having fought all over the world, he currently holds a 30-30-2 record and will be making his first debut in England on Saturday 11th February at Tankō Fighting Championships 3. For Lawrence this is a huge fight he will be going up against a fighter with 30 wins compared to his four wins, he will need to bring his all. Having a name like Bennett under his belt will be a career changing win that could see him reach the top. Of course a win like that may permanently keep him out of the cage in the UK… “I’m a lifelong mixed martial artist and I couldn’t think of being anything else

20. Steel City Rumble Cage Fighting - Live This Saturday April 23, 2011

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Steel City Rumble Cage Fighting - Live This Saturday April 23, 2011

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