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2. Bulletin - 2100 - Tuesday - 20 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1520
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Tuesday - 20 - May - 2014

PEMRA suspended licence of Geo News, Geo Tez and Geo intertainment and announced to take final decision in the session of May 28. Meanwhile PEMRA ordered to seal offices of Geo. PEMRA session for complaints against Geo, Government representatives absents from session. Council recieves 5000 complaints against Geo Governments supports Geo Tv openly, Rana Sana ullah admitted. Islami Nazarayti council discussed Geo’s act of blasphemy. Election commission decides to investigate Imran’s allegations in NA 68. Chairman Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Imran Khan stated that rigged election can’t lead country towards devolopment. Najam sethi was appointed chairman PCB because of his services in election. Chairman Sunni itehad council Saheb Zada Hamid Raza stated in a press conference that they will continue peacefull protest against Geo. PM Nawaz headed a session of high authorities, Army Chief Rahil Sharif Gave breifing about his visit to Kabul. Supreme court heared a petition, filed against the prices of flour. Gohar Jarchavi filed petituion against Geo. Sindh high court heared petition against Geo, issued notice to Mir Shakil and Shaista Lodhi. Civil society conducts rallies to express solidarity with Pak Army. Geo manupilated a case decribed in the holy Quran in its drama. PCB appoints Arif Abbasi as chief consultant. Ministry of intra provincial cordination appealed in supreme court against the Zaka Ashraf’s appointment.

4. Bulletin - 2100 - Tuesday - 06 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1379
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Tuesday - 06 - May - 2014

US citizen arrested in weapon case, police gets 10 days physical remand. Geo did not accuse Army, says Akram Sheikh. PEMRA completed hearing against GEO, PEMRA authority asks session on May 09. Babar Awan demands to cancel the license of GEO. Imran Khan says that he is not afraid oF Mir Shakeel, He aimed to face media house. MQM Rabita Committee decides to postpone its protest for indefinite time after the assurance of Sindh government. Firing on police van in Korangi, Sub inspector died. PM Nawaz visited Karachi. Governor and CM sindh welcomed him at airport, inaugurated two power plants at port Qasim. Forget to address important session related to law and order situation. Saleem Safi endangers ARY's reporter Faizullah, ARY management will lodge case against Safi if something goes worth with Faiz. Parliamentarian expressed reservation over ban on travel due to polio. Terrorists want to paralyze our new generation, former President Zardari Doctors confirmed fracture in Pervez Musharraf back bone, advised to get treatment in abroad. All cases are political, Musharraf submitted his counter response in Sindh high court. PPP workers quarreled in Peshawar, ruined function. Saleem Safi endangers ARY's reporter Faizullah, ARY management will lodge case against Safi if something goes worth with Faiz. Waqar Yonus is selected as a head coach of Pakistan cricket team for two years, alarming situation for Shahid Afradi.

11. Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 15 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1397
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 15 - May - 2014

PM Nawaz announced Polio emergency. Sindh government sends reference only for Uzair Baloch red arrest warrent. PEMRA issued show-cause notice against Geo shame full act. Ulma board of Sunni itehad council declares watching Geo is 'Haraam'. Geo case: Government's pressure on PEMRA exposed. Imran Khan visited Hamid Mir in Islamabad, says maligning ISI is not acceptable. Government's fate will be decided this year, Sheikh Rashid. Parliament is not working as per constitution, says Fazl. We will not be a part of any adventure against democracy, Siraj ul Haq. ARY News exposed illegal torture cell of Police in Karachi. Federal minister of finance Ishaq Dar presents recommendations regarding budget 2014. ARY Network's campaign 'Aam Admi ka Pakistan' found abducted girl in Karachi. Match fixing ratio reaches at its extreme in football and cricket. PCB appoints Grant Flower as batting coach.

12. Bulletin - 2100 - Saturday - 10 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1433
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Saturday - 10 - May - 2014

May 11 becomes protest day, PAT will protest in sixty cities, PTI will protest in Islamabad. Democracy could be derailing if government tries to stop Tsunami, Imran Khan. People have to come out change their fate, Dr Qadri. Government seals red zone of Islamabad. PML-Q, Jamat-e-Islami and Sunni Itehad council will also participate in protest. Imran Khan conducts protest on the demand of any third power, says Khurshid Shah. PEMRA delayed decision against Geo. Government is allegedly supporting Geo, Petition filed. State bank suffers lose of Rs. 30 million, box full of price bond lost, FIR lodged, bonds cancelled. Underpasses in corridor three, are at their worst condition due to the negligence of city government of Karachi. It causes several accidents and also allows robbers and snatchers to loot citizens. Artificial shortage of Water and electricity created in Karachi. Missing reporter of ARY News Faizullah coordinates with his family, confirmed to get back home soon. 'Aam Aadmi ka Pakistan' campaign of ARY Network continues, People participated in large number nationwide. ARY gold distributes gold through value bag.

18. Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 08 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1238
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 08 - May - 2014

PM Nawaz Met Army Chief Rahil Sharif. Pakistan conducts successful test of a ballistic missile, Hataf 3 Ghaznavi. North Waziristan: Security forces vehicle blown in road side explosion, nine died and several injured. Blast at double road Quetta: Two died and several injured. Government allows PTI for conditional protest, Nisar. PAT also conducts protest on May 11. Chaudhry Shujaat announced to Support Dr Qadri. Court accepted bail of FBI agent Juel Cox. Faizullah contacts his Family due to the efforts of ARY management and other journalist organizations. IHC rejects the petition of Geo against PEMRA. MQM conducts protest at KPC against the report of Immensity international. Mohsin Khan goes furious on appointment of Waqar Yonus. ARY inaugurates 'Aam Aadmi ka Pakistan' campaign to strengthen nation.

20. Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 01 - May - 2014

  • Duration: 1414
  • Channel: news
Bulletin - 2100 - Thursday - 01 - May - 2014

Rabita committee announced to day of mourning against extra judicial killings of party workers, four dead bodies found from Memon Goth identified, all victims are MQM’s party workers, and MQM accused police and rangers in killings. Firing in different areas of Karachi and interior Sindh by unknown miscreants, life suspended. Altaf Hussain stated that its political victimization, Cases should be lodge against culprits. We will not back from serious and fruit full negotiations, says TTP spokesperson Shahid ullah Shahid. Tribal aman Jirga demands extension in seize fire Sami ul Haq, Siraj ul Haq addressed. Fazal demands to clear government’s position over Taliban talks. Miran Shah: Firing at vehicle, three died including chief of Waziristan Mailk Qadar. Lahore escapes mega destruction, vehicle found full of arms and ammunition moved from Peshawar. Public can’t face political terrorists, say Dr Qadri. Kp government dismissed Minister of industry and advisor for complaints. Khalid Aarai’n stated, placing channel at any number is our right and we follow public choice. Civil society appeals Behria town to continue work on public welfare projects. World Labour Day is observed nationwide. Narendar is psycho patient and he should sent to Pakistan for treatment. Heat hikes in several cities including Lahore and Larkana, load shedding continues.