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7. The ENERGY of Babymetal: NYC 2014

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The ENERGY of Babymetal: NYC 2014

This video is intended to especially highlight the ENERGY of Babymetal along with their fans! It is educational to demonstrate what the fan response is like at a Babymetal concert! FAIR USAGE IN EFFECT: Song clips are limited to very short segments for the educational purpose of showing various fan responses. (And as per source credits below - I do not own these videos - I just curated, edited, mixed and titled..) SEE FURTHER NOTES FOR SOURCES - CURATED REVIEWS AND INTERVIEWS ARE NOT FILMED BY OR OF ME.. It's curated from NYC 2014 Babymetal concert coverage. It's a video to show friends what they've missed, and to encourage them to attend future Babymetal concerts! Lots of people make compilation style videos although this one has some additional value in that it combines aspects all together in one package - energy + a show review + select interviews. I figure this only helps Babymetal more as friends can further spread the energy to other friends. SOURCE CREDITS----------------------------- A bunch of clips were taken from this awesome video which includes a great wall of death scene, and an in-action crowd surfing sequence (in some cases I remixed in higher quality audio from the show): a darchiville: BABYMETAL IN NY ERMAGHERD - YouTube Edited highlights from a review of the show: MisterPopoTV Official Website: MisterPopoTV: BABYMETAL NYC Concert 2014 Fancam _ @MisterPopoTV MisterPopoTV: BABYMETAL NYC Concert 2014 Recap _ @MisterPopoTV Twitter ? Instagram ? Facebook ? Google+ ? Merchandise/Apparel ? A selection of key Interviews of fans waiting outside in line from: Roger Shackelford Tainted Reality: BabyMetal in NYC 2014 pt. 1 - YouTube A few interview clips from here: FCI NY: BABYMETAL????????? More concert show footage: Wizard66: BABYMETAL - Iine Hammerstien New York Live! - YouTube E King: BABYMETAL live in New York at the Hammerstein ballroom onedari daisuken Daniella Vale - IPhone 5 Clips Abandonedlove: Babymetal - Akatsuki - New York City 11/04/2014 - YouTube Shady San: Babymetal live in New York 2014 - Akatsuki - YouTube Wizard66: Ijime Dame Zettai No More Bullying - YouTube bacongurubb13 E King: BABYMETAL live in New York Hammerstein ballroom ijime damme zeta I

8. BABYMETAL 「Live in Z7 PRATTELN」 Digest 2016. 06. 02

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BABYMETAL 「Live in Z7 PRATTELN」 Digest   2016. 06. 02

WORLD TOUR 2016 EUROPE TOUR Z7 PRATTELN, SWITZERLAND 02.June.2016 Set List 01. BABYMETAL DEATH 02. Iine! 03. Awadama Fever 04. Amore 05. Catch me if you can 06. Meta Taro 07. Sis.Anger 08. Ijime,Dame,Zettai 09. KARATE 10. Megitsune 11. Gimme Chocolate!! 12. THE ONE 《ENCORE》 13. Road of Resistance KAMIBAND Gt:Mikio Fujioka ,Takayoshi Ohmura Bass:BOH Dr:Hideki Aoyama