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1. Green Sally Up

Green Sally Up

"Gone in 60 seconds", "Flower", and Three 6 Mafia's "Get The F*ck Out My Face" Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.

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2. Natsu Fuji X BabyGirl Koda X Rudy Kaita | Summer Brain Zone

Natsu Fuji X BabyGirl Koda X Rudy Kaita | Summer Brain Zone

with my brother's connections, i was able to pull off a good collaboration with Natsu Fuji. :) this is the highlight of my summer for 2014. thank you Natsu Fuji for investing time in collaborating with me and Rudy. this is the first of many more projects to come, i hope. :) Follow: ---> @natsu_the_producer for his future projects. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Captain Planet Mixtape. :)

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3. Scoobidoo Love (ft. Rudy Kaita)

Scoobidoo Love (ft. Rudy Kaita)

As heard from the TV shows Breaking Bad, and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and bump music from Adult Swim. Sample credits to Paul Rotham. Special credits to Rudy Kaita for co-producing.

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4. Heart Of Sword (ft. Takanori Nishikawa)

Heart Of Sword (ft. Takanori Nishikawa)

The unheard story of Rurouni Kenshin. Sample credits to Takanori Nishikawa for the samples. Visual credits to the original artist of the photo. Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin in any way, this is solely for the purpose of entertainment and listening intentions.

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5. Is All One Desire (ft. The Hex Girls & Rudy Kaita)

Is All One Desire (ft. The Hex Girls & Rudy Kaita)

Teaming up with the Hex Girls from the world renowned Scooby Doo franchise to produce a rap-trap-hip hop-indie-pop instrumental. Special credits to Rudy Kaita for co-producing. Sample credits to the Hex Girls for "Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air." Credits to the original creator of the lyrics and voice actors. Disclaimer: Does not own a part of the Hex Girls in any way or manner. This is not to gain profit, just for listening and entertainment purposes.

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6. Hell's Army

Hell's Army

Shinda: *Standing in front of an assembled team of the hungriest of zombies, the thirstiest of vampires, the strongest of werewolves, the baddest of the baddest, the creepiest ghouls and goblins, the uneven spirits seeking retribution and vengeance, those who were wrongfully convicted of crimes by the Justice Systems.* "I dare any of you to take me on, anyone has the balls to stand up to me and my army? Anyone at all? *Evil laugh.* How about you come and join us instead, there's a spot waiting for you. I promise, the Almighty Shinda, will take special care of you. :) Narrator: As Shinda and her hellish army march forward, she fails to realize the famous signature of our possessed hero, BabyGirl Koda. Is Koda somehow regaining her consciousness? If so, can our hero pull it together, or will she find herself forever possessed and enslaved by the seemingly unstoppable Warui Shinda? Legal: Sample credits to A$AP Ferg and the producing of the original production.

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7. The Theme of Shinda (チャビー悪い死んだ)

The Theme of Shinda (チャビー悪い死んだ)

Shinda Akuma Warui [悪い悪魔死んだ,Warui Akuma Shinda] (born October 23, of an unknown year during the Yayoi Period), better known as Warui Shinda, or simply by her moniker Shinda, is an extremely powerful music producing Japanese yōkai. She is best known for her demonic productions which have achieved worldwide fame, for possessing BabyGirl Koda, taking over her SoundCloud account and turning her into Devil Koda. As of April 2013, she is currently working on her debut album, The Diva of Death. *Background Information.* Birth name: Warui Akuma Shinda Nicknames: The Diva of Death, Queen of the SoundCloud Underground. Nationality: Japanese. Age: Unknown. Enemies: Humanity, except everyone for the people on her staff. Born: October 23, of an unknown year during the Yayoi Period. The land which Tokyo, Japan was found. Status: Undetermined. Gender: Female. Origin: Memphis, TN, U.S.A. Genres: Horrorcore, Hip Hop. Occupations: Yōkai, record producer. Family: Warui Toshita (father, deceased), Warui Najima (mother, deceased) Years active: 2014-present Labels: none. Associated acts: BabyGirl Koda, Rudy Kaita, Annanuki Beats. *Early Life.* Shinda was born Warui Akuma Shinda on October 23 during the Yayoi Period to a father, Warui Toshita, and a mother, Warui Najima. Toshita was described to be very insecure and had serious anger issues, while Najima was an alcoholic, but stopped drinking to take care of Shinda. Shinda grew up with love and care living a peaceful life until her mother disappeared 5 years later in the month of October. Though an investigation was carried out, no arrests were made. When Shinda turned 10, her mother's body was discovered in a wooded area not far from where she was reported missing. She had been beaten and raped multiple times before and after she was murdered. When Shinda reached a mature age, she began suspecting her father to be the murderer. Toshita gave Shinda a letter and then settled in another part of Japan without Shinda. In the letter, was a confession. Toshita did murder Najima. By the time Shinda read the confession, her father was already gone. When Shinda turned 17, she tracked her father down to Korea and gruesomely murdered him. Witnesses claim that Shinda repeatedly hacked him with an axe-like weapon, then ate his flesh over steamed rice, using 2 of his bones as chopsticks. 3 of the witnesses died of a heart attack after witnessing such a horrific scene. Deeply sadden that her mother was killed for no reason and not satisified with killing Toshita, Shinda fell into depression. That depression turned into rage, uncontrollable blood-craving rage. Shinda was dubbed a "Menace to Japan" by the emperor of that time after she terrorized thousands of people, and she was also wanted dead or alive by every law enforcement in Japan. She later left Japan for new lands to spread terror. *Death and rebirth.* Shinda committed suicide at the midnight of her 18th birthday by cyanide, not because of depression, but to be close to the spirit of her father who she killed. She felt as if Toshita didn't suffer enough and continued tormenting him in the spirit world. Due to her deep sorrow and anger when she was alive, Shinda came back as an unusual onryo on her 19th birthday. An onryo is traditionally a spirit brought back to claim revenge on a male lover, however Shinda never had any known boyfriends and she was never married. Haunted by mental images of deranged father, Shinda made it her eternal mission to cause havor, mayhem, terror, and horror, taking all her anger out on the living, stating that "no one is safe." *2014-today.* While wondering the world for the right person to possess, Shinda found an 8-year-old music producer named BabyGirl Koda. Unsure if she wanted to possess a child, Shinda monitored her movements and behavior. BabyGirl Koda was a sweet adorable child with a gifted talent in music production. She was nice, heartwarming, and caring. Where Shinda saw kindness, she took that as weakness. When BabyGirl Koda got sick, Shinda possessed her and took over her body. Her brother, Rudy Kaita, went missing the next day. It is presumed that Shinda either killed Rudy or is keeping him captive somewhere. From the middle of Feburary to the middle of March, Shinda embarked upon a month long journey of terrorizing BabyGirl Koda's SoundCloud followers. She assembled a massive army of fiends to stand by her side in battle and completely obliterated the world, reducing its population from 7 billion to about 1 million worldwide. Shinda has been given the title "The Queen of the Underground" and "The Diva of Death." In mid-March, BabyGirl Koda broke free of Shinda's possession and challenged her to a fight to the death, to which Shinda accepted under the conditions that if she won, Koda will give her body up to Shinda and continue doing her bidding. If Koda won, Shinda must return the world back to its normal state, destroying Shinda in the process. *Guidelines and ground rules.* Shinda is known to have an extremely short temper as it does not take much for her to get mad. To give possible victims a fair warning, Shinda came up with a series of expectations. They are as followed. Failure of any of these guidelines and ground rules can result to torture of an unbearable level, or death. 1. I DON'T like you. 2. NOT here to be your friend. 3. DON'T ask me anything. 4. DON'T ask for my take on your work. 5. DON'T mention me on anything. 6. DON'T message me about no collaboration. 7. SKIP to the next guideline. 8. DO #7 again. 9. FOLLOW at your OWN RISK. 10. IF you attempt to save BabyGirl Koda, I'll hunt you down, haunt and hurt you. *Musical and production style.* Shinda's style of production is best described as "pure evil." "One who listens to Shinda will fall into her web and won't get free, they'll be listening to her music straight to their death. If her plan is for you to listen to her instrumentals until you die, Shinda has definitely achieved her plan, if not, over exceeded it." Shinda's style is further described as a blend of Southern crunk, heavy hitting bass, 808's, demonic, eerie, and chilling pads, touched with rapid hats. Shinda creates a haunting atmosphere around her music, and she leaves a very disturbing sound as a signature behind. Shinda is rarely open to collaborations, and she is not apart of any production teams because of one of two reasons: She feels that she must get everything in order before doing so, or she simply does not want to. Shinda is dubbed, "The Queen of the SoundCloud Underground," claiming that all "illegal" activity on SoundCloud goes through her. *The Diva of Death album.* Shinda is planning on releasing her first debut album entitled "The Diva of Death", a title which was given to her by her followers. The album is led by 2 songs, Hell's Army, which features a disturbing sample of "Oh Fortuna" at the beginning of the song, and a sample from A$AP Ferg's "Work" which is played throughout the rest of the song with samples from Call of Duty: Black Ops where the zombies are moaning. All of the songs, except for "The Diva of Death", have over 100 plays and is highly received worldwide. *Personal life.* Shinda is Japanese. Her nickname, "Akuma", means Devil in the English language. Her exact age is unknown. Even though she was born in the Yayoi Period, she is estimated to be over 1,000. Despite being old, Shinda maintains her youth (current display picture.) Though she never had any boyfriends and never married, Shinda is not a lesbian. Shinda enjoys watching and listening to her victims scream for their lives. Her favorite colors are dark red and black. She can speak in Japanese, English, Arabian, Spanish, French, and 5 Native American languages. Shinda claims to have claimed over 100,000 lives. Shinda acknowledges God and the Devil but aligns herself with neither one. "I am the Queen of the SoundCloud Underground, I am the Diva of Death, the Menace to Japan. You have a problem with how I do things? Don't turn around and end up lying in a huge pool of your own blood. Move around or get PUT DOWN!! I have spoken." - Shinda.

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8. Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber

Mario and the gang are back to compete. Shoutout to Stylez-T and for the sample, and no I do not own Mario or the franchise in any way. Follow me, like the music, all that good stuff, and I will do my part to bring you the best of the best.

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9. The Band of the Forgotten

The Band of the Forgotten

Warui Shinda is here, and in full effect, and no one...NO [beep]ING BODY CAN STOP ME AND MY MINIONS. [0:00-2:21] *Sends my zombie minions and sends them to feast on the living.* [2:22-4:44] *Releases the Hounds of Hell upon you.* Yes, yesss!!!!!!!! [4:45-7:05] *Sends the rest of my zombies to finish the job.* Survive that, [beep]. We're coming... The Demonic Takeover continues...

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10. The Dance of the Dead

The Dance of the Dead

No, this is not a remake of Micheal Jackson's "Thriller." As the demons, vampires, and zombies break into dance... Devil Koda: [At 2:03-2:17] *Slowly raises hand and stares at you.* The Demonic Takeover continues...

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11. Tsuki No Ie/月の家(ft. Rudy Kaita)

Tsuki No Ie/月の家(ft. Rudy Kaita)

All respect to Outlaw Star.

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12. Trophies


"Sometimes I wonder why I'm so mother[beep]ing evil... But this a "cold ass '[beep] what you lookin at " type instrumental!!" - The Diva of Death, Warui Akuma Shinda. [no smiley faces.]

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13. To My Friend, Nujabes (ft. Rudy Kaita)

To My Friend, Nujabes (ft. Rudy Kaita)

His music lives on. Jun Seba, (Nujabes ヌジャベス Nujabesu) (瀬場潤 Seba Jun, February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010) Special sample credits to Nujabes from, "Sincerely." Credits to Rudy Kaita, co-producer.

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14. Hell on Earth: Warui Shinda vs. BabyGirl Koda

Hell on Earth: Warui Shinda vs. BabyGirl Koda

Narrator: Ladies, gentlemen, children, and everything else that's still alive right now, the following contest is scheduled for one fall where the winner takes all. There are no rules, this is a straight one-on-one contest. Let me go over the wages once more: For if BabyGirl Koda wins, Shinda MUST revive everyone and return Earth from a barren wasteland back to its former state, not to mention that Shinda MUST leave and never come back; however, if Shinda is declared the winner, BabyGirl Koda MUST give up her body and soul to Shinda and to continue doing Shinda's bidding and whatever she desires and the world will remain the same. Announcer: Introducing first, standing 10 stories tall, weighing slightly under 4 tons, wearing the bloody prom dress and heels, she is the future world ruler, the Queen of the SoundCloud Underground, and the Diva of Death, Shinda!!!!!!!!!!!! Shinda: *Blows hot flames in the air and stares down at BabyGirl Koda.* Announcer: Introducing her opponent, standing at 3 ft 6 inches tall, weighing at 102 1/2 pounds, armed with a blue and black matching Sword and Shield, representing the Bay Area of Memphis, TN, USA, she is the Princess of Production, BabyGirl Koda!!!!!!!! BabyGirl Koda: Your reign of terror ends here, Shinda. Narrator: A heated battle this is turning out to be, the question is...who will emerge victorious? ___________________________________________________________________ *Track listening.* 1. Shinda - Ready Or Not, Here I Come. 2. Shinda - The Malevolent Fog (Remix) 3. Shinda - The Devil's Cry 4. BabyGirl Koda - F You (ft. Tyler The Creator) 5. Moments With You. 6. Play Hard. __________________________________________________________________ *Sample credits.* "Ready or Not, Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)" by the Delfonics. An "Air of Calm" Sample from the Nintendo 64 game. "Moments in Love" by The Art of Noise. "WOLF" by Tyler the Creator. "Play Hard" by Orchid. ____________________________________________________________________ [7:37-8:23] Shinda: *Falling to the ground.* AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BabyGirl Koda: *Tornado punches to Shinda's face followed up with a mean right punch that sends Shinda straight into the Earth's crust* *Lands on feet.* Shinda: *Bleeding profusely.* BabyGirl Koda: *Standing over Shinda, hair blowing in the wind.* ask? You're evil, I'm good. Good will ALWAYS defeat the evil forces. Shinda: *Coughing up blood.* With your production skills, your beats, why not rule over this world and take what you want?? BabyGirl Koda: Because I'm a hard working person, I prefer to get it the hard way and keep working. But you Shinda. You are a demon, who corrupted minds, who slaughtered innocent people while mocking them in their now you will die...with a vengeance. Farewell...Shinda. *Rubbing hands together to produce a huge lightning bolt and strikes Shinda with it.* Shinda: I'LL BE BACK KODA, YOU HEAR ME!!!! I'LL BE BACK. YOU MAY HAVE WON THIS BATTLE, BUT THE WAR ISN'T OVER KODA!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!!!!!! *Lightning bolt makes a direct hit, apparently killing Shinda instantly.* BabyGirl Koda: *Walking away.* Execution Day, at last.

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15. Mother


"I don't know if I want to describe this sound...I mean it speaks for itself." - Shinda.

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16. Hard In The Paint (Captain Planet)

Hard In The Paint (Captain Planet)

When the powers are combined, Captain Planet goes Hard In The Paint in protecting the world! Produced by BabyGirl Koda and Rudy Kaita.

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17. The Virus (Demonic Interlude)

The Virus (Demonic Interlude)

One day, while producing with her big brother, BabyGirl Koda became sick with an unknown virus. She was taken to the doctors but they were unable to find the source of her sickness. Koda's normal functions was cut short, like riding her bike, playing outside with friends, and playing video games. Her behavior changed, from unusual, to bad. It was then apparent that the sweetheart we know, was changing...from worse. The beginning of the Demonic Takeover...HAHAHAHA!!!!

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18. The Virus: Breaking Free

The Virus: Breaking Free

Narrator: It has been nearly over a month now since Warui Shinda, a powerful demon, possessed BabyGirl Koda and forced her to doing her bidding under the name Devil Koda. All other producers that dared opposed to Shinda, were brutally killed and crushed in the line of duty. Shinda seemed unstoppable, her eyes set on enslaving the human race, controlling the music industry, and ruling the world. It was thought to be headed in that direction and Shinda was about to bring her plans into fruition. As she continues her way destroying everything and leaving a pat of destruction in her wake, BabyGirl Koda's heart begins beating again. Could this day be the moment BabyGirl Koda can break free from the flaming demonic clutches of Warui Shinda? Shinda: *Coughing heavily.* What...the [beep] happening???!!! BabyGirl Koda: *Heart beating.* ... Shinda: *Coughing.* Noo, not now, the world is almost mine!!! BabyGirl Koda: *Heart beating.* ..... Shinda: *Coughing up blood.* BabyGirl Koda: *Heart rate pumping fast.* Shinda: *Vomiting blood.**screams.* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Narrator: Shinda's control over BabyGirl Koda has been broken. There is no more Devil Koda. Shinda takes on her original form. (current display picture.) BabyGirl Koda: *Laying on the ground heavily breathing.* Shinda: *On the ground coughing.*

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19. Demon Of The Year

Demon Of The Year

Host: Everyone rise to your feet. In recognition of her pure evilness, her reign of terror, the mayhem caused, the blood splattered, lives taken, the blend of horror and rap, the queen of the SoundCloud Underground. Her name even brings chills down spines and rattles nerves. She doesn't have haters, only admirers and her demonic presence fills the arena and she hasn't stepped on stage yet. Shinda Akuma Warui, is..."The Demon Of The Year" Shinda: *Stares at the bowing crowd and maniacally laughs.* HAHAHAHA!!! "Aye aye aye Gurl, I see killers everywhere. Knives, guns, machetes in the air, its a party over here. Kill it for the Demon Of The Year. Uh uh..Demon Of The Year, Demon Of The....Bounce." - Warui Akuma Shinda, "Demon Of The Year." Legal: Sample credits to Schoolboy Q for the sample.

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20. The Race (Koda Mix)

The Race (Koda Mix)

I want to stop for a bit and thank everyone who listened to my sounds, and who followed the Diva of Death storyline. It means alot to me. This was a huge project that took two months to complete. Getting the feedback and response was the paycheck and reward it. You all are amazing in my heart. Will there be a second part to the story? Only time will tell. It's time to live like a child for some time lol. Let me give a special thank you to 4 of the greatest people who brought our character Shinda to life. First person is Annunaki Tracks, he is one of the best producers that SoundCloud has to offer, and I am not saying that because we worked together, it's because his work is a force to be reckoned with, and if you bypass him, you are definitely missing out. A special thanks going to you Annunaki. We thank you for being Shinda's RightHand Man, it was never a part of the plan to work with you, neither was deceiving you. Us working together was a mere example of fate bringing two powerful forces and combining them together to form an even greater force, known as Omega Shiron. Thank you Annunaki. You are a talented artist, and we wish you the best in your future endevors, @annunakitracks. Second, EastSide Fritz. An extremely powerful rapper that we had the pleasure of working with. He is a gifted rapper. With Shinda's music, and Fritz's lyrical methods, those who oppose him or dare step in his way will be ripped to mere pieces. We appreciate the time you took to step into the studio and did your thing. Listening to your work, to our work, brought tears to my young eyes. I truly experienced what it meant to collaborate. I wish you the best in the music industry my friend, as my brother said to you on the phone the other day, we have to put in some work. Shinda's Admiral of the Army, @eastsidefritz. Another person is Bianca Vixen. When this person brings the house down, she brings the earth with it. Her musical style and beauty creates one hell of a dymanic track. I had the great pleasure of collaborating with this chick. We shared things on a deeper level and got to know one another, and I can truly say, that I can call this person my friend. It was great talking with you, working with you, the time and effort spent. We are still going to put in work on our own project, I'm ready to work whenever you are. :) Shinda's Vampire Goddess, @you-a-dirty-dog. The last person, J'Virtease Mathis. We thank you for playing the role of Shinda. Thanks to you, Shinda now has an official voice, body, and mind. We thank you for portraying our character. No other voice will do, no other body shape and frame can do the trick. You are one beautiful girl and we hope to get you on another project soon. This is Rudy speaking now in my own words, like my sister BabyGirl Koda said, a special shoutout and thanks to those people. Without them, there was no Warui Shinda. Because of those people, Shinda was brought to life. But on a more serious note, we do apologize for not staying 100 with yall and we understand the reasons for removing some of the music from your pages. Understand that yall came into our lives while the story was in progress and that deception was NOT the plan, it was all in the good of the story. Still, as the adult, I should have reached out to yall and told yall what was up, I feel a great shame on my part. We hope, pray, and wish we can work things out and one day come back together and make more music. I appreciate yall working with my sister on her project. You all are great artists in your respected genres. It was great working you all. Never think we have forgotten what you have done for my sister. Sample credits to Wiz Khalifa - The Race.

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