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1. 120 bpm cadence running track for 6:12 min/mile pace

120 bpm cadence running track for 6:12 min/mile pace

A cadence track for 120 steps per minute leg turnover. A little slower than the Jack Daniels, PhD 180 bpm gold standard in running. Good to train with and build from fi your not used to 180 steps per minute. The frequency of our strides in running is nothing more than the rate at which we change support from one foot to the next, which is the essence of good running technique. When we change support, we start free falling and let the force of gravity accelerate us forward. The faster we change support, the less we do to interrupt the gravitational pull and the faster we run. It really is that simple. (Romanov, 83) When these two team up, magic happens. Once you can run at a steady cadence and keep your hips and legs relaxed, your perceived effort level will take on a new dimension, because you are increasing only your use of abdominal muscles, not leg musles. As you improve your ChiRunning skills you won’t have to think about adjusting your stride length; it will happen naturally…” (Dreyer, 82.)

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