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1. Angelo Wring Randle - Dear, Carlos (my father)

  • Duration: 84
  • Channel: music
Angelo Wring Randle - Dear, Carlos (my father)

The monster within Losing myself in my own hatred Lost and broken because I didn't make it my biggest fear is I am going to be like the man with one name and I am going to walk out on my children I don't want to be a failure of a father with only one name I want my kids to see me and smile even when their going thou pain but love in hate got me on the edge I might break into a million pieces even so if I have children I want them to believe in Jesus but this anger got be backtracking with these whiplashes on my hollow soul angry because I am the out cast at home and these memories wont let me dream and cupid wont let me be your blind to love because BEAUTY IS NOT THE KEY to your density because love is a beautiful lie and death is the ugly truth I wish day and night that I could take flight but my life is shining bright in this dim light even in hell I got hope for my future cause I don't want a new woman left and right I want a wife to help spark a new life.. Angelo Wring Randle

2. Angelo Wring Randle - life purpose

  • Duration: 98
  • Channel: music
Angelo Wring Randle - life purpose

Destruction and honor Humor me with your pitiful lives And you're down right lies What happen to the world that had so much to offer But now everybody is just waiting for their next supper In this world this is true but this don't have to me or you Cause life has a purpose But these doses covered up in these Gucci bag purses Make up on her face like she was worthless But she still curses every one eyed snake Because everybody had a piece of her cake That was not her purpose To be used and abused Got her feeling daft Like something out of her hell righteous pass but she wears make up to pretend she`s not throwing up hers sorrows But will you make it to tomorrow Because this girl is deep down in her feelings Thinking that everyone eyed snake is still a villain But every hero is there worst villain But are we really killing to be the hero You got to realize that the only person who really know her is not herself But the man who gained wealth from seeing this little girl weep What kind of man is that? And it's not her brother; he kept her under his wing until their father came between AND MADE THIS LITTLE GIRL TELL HIM WHY THE MOCKINGBIRD SINGS? {King Apollo} Angelo Valdez Wring Randle Angelo Wring Randle

3. Angelo Wring Randle - alone

  • Duration: 53
  • Channel: music
Angelo Wring Randle - alone

watch me burn this city like I married it watch me put a bullet between your eyes like I cherished yea but instead you took me as a joke but remember that when your choking from an sensation that got you wishing that listened but you don't care about the darkest in my soul but remember that I am not the forbidden but the forgotten in a hell hole you call home so let`s go you say you been in my corner since day one I haven't seen it you lying piece of seamen got me up here believing and day dreaming ha a fools paradise with slice lemon pineapple pie Angelo Wring Randle