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1. Final Hour

Final Hour

There's one more hour before the last sunset. What would you do? Tell in the comment section :3 Cover art made by this amazing person:

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2. The Last Journey

The Last Journey

If you could go somewhere,anywhere in this world for one last time,what would it be?

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3. Raindrops


Imagine a world where rain is a rare occurrence. Now can you imagine how much of a joyful situation that would be,if it starts raining? Another Re-upload because of false copyright.

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4. Dreamscape


Everything is possible in our own dreamworld!

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5. The End

The End

It's just a title don't worry.

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6. Stay Strong

Stay Strong

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7. Memories


Trying to make something like those ''Song for studies'' stuff.This is mostly inspired by '''July'',do check them out they make really cool songs!

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8. Purple Skies

Purple Skies

Who doesnt want to see purple skies?

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9. End of time

End of time

When you reach the end of time,you cant come back.

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10. Our Memories

Our Memories

Just our old tracks mashed into one single Edm's I know the ending is a little wierd.

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11. The Day After Tommorow

The Day After Tommorow

You can never predict what will going to happen tommorow. So cheer up and be happy to be alive and being awesome,even if someone else says otherwise.

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12. Happy 2018!!!!

Happy 2018!!!!

Happy 2018! let's hope it'll be better than 2017. Vocals chops by Ruby. (For the Cover Art,the font doesn't have a capital ''H",which is kinda annoying but hey,free font! I have no right to complain about anything)

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13. Time Lapse

Time Lapse

A timelapse of the last day on earth.

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14. Want Me Dead (Feat. Cyber Diva)

Want Me Dead (Feat. Cyber Diva)

Here's the less edgy version of this song: Don't you hate it when you're that one wierd person in society?Don't you also hate the fact that people are leaving you because there are someone better than you?Don't you also hate it when you're being told to change for so many fucking times now?I sure do.Which is the reason why I wrote this song. So i want to write a song that really reflects my emotion,so here it is.Because I want to try out Cyber Diva,instead of making some calm ass songs about how much I want to die (cough cough like those soundcloud thots)instead I write an electronic! Apologies for any imperfection (especially in grammar XD) Lyrics: (Too lazy to capitalize everything lol) (Verse 1) Ever since I came to this world I was told ''you should be perfect even if it's a little painful'' but hey what do i fucking know and I was told that if I change how I am,people will finally decide to accepts me but here's the catch: (Talk) I don't think that me changing would make any difference, Cos' no matter what I do? You still,want me dead (Chorus) i'm so sick being told the same thing I know that i'm not perfect and i'll never be one it would be best if you let me be you're not in my fucking shoes you don't know what i've been through so you do not have the right to tell me what should I do (Verse 2) I am so close to snapping, don’t take me past the point of breaking I will listen to you,I will be what you want me to (Talk 2) Well,I've listened to you I did everything that you asked me to do But you still hates me And deep in your heart? [Whisper] : You still want me dead (Chorus 2) I already,lose my true self from the words that,you said to me I know that I,should have listened but it's too late,cos you want me dead

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15. Daylight


Don't let fear and guilt overcome your emotions,forgive yourself. Only then you can see the daylight,once again.

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