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1. ACIDIC (feat. Twonn, Twitch, illi)

  • Published: 2015-08-21T03:48:18Z
  • By OD Global
ACIDIC (feat. Twonn, Twitch, illi)

Written and Performed by Twonn, Twitch, illi. Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Baby Bottoms. @twonn @illidrac @TwitchECE @bbybttms

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2. D2 - V2 - T2

D2 - V2 - T2

Fun with some loose clips :)

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5. Spiriyamana


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6. acidic

acidic Produced by DeliPres

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7. Twopegeplakt


No kick automations & acid automations

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8. Woo York / Claudio PRC & Ness - Acidic Uniformity EP [PRRUKBLK001]

Woo York / Claudio PRC & Ness - Acidic Uniformity EP [PRRUKBLK001]

PRRUKBLK001: Woo York // Claudio PRC & Ness - Acidic Uniformity EP A1. Woo York - Acidic Uniformity A2. Woo York - Contact Point B1. Claudio PRC & Ness - Rajosa B2. Claudio PRC & Ness - Cogas Release date: 12.05.2014 (vinyl) The infamous PLANET RHYTHM imprint is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2014. 20, naturally is a landmark-age and shows the label’s ongoing persistence and hunger to catch the right beat. Over the years many sounds within the Techno genre have been showcased on this warm and respected home. Coincidentally, the label (now situated in Rotterdam) just got onto a new a new flock of producers making their way into the crates of respected DJ’s and like minded people wordwide. The launch of PRRUKBLK001 truly represents a new chapter in the already substantial past of one of the most respected techno labels around. The label’s head honcho - who took over from Glenn Wilson more than a decade ago - has appointed Ukrainian up and comer ‘’Woo York’’ as one of the curators for the years to come. While of course, the label’s longtime artists will appear on the forthcoming efforts also, Woo York will freshen up the label’s image by searching for that typical PRRUK sound with a more 2014 approach. PRRUKBLK001 is the perfect kick-off for the new series. Woo York showcases his significant style on the opening track Acidic Uniformity which is as the title suspects a dance floor blast completely drenched with a soaring Acid line. The sophomore track ‘’Contact Point’’ also by Woo York, is a firmly produced dark track with a lot of drum variations and effects it effectively completes the A–Side before moving on to the somewhat more rough work by ‘’Claudio PRC & Ness’’ who cleverly open the B-Side with an uplifting anthem that’s laced up with a firm kick and some other -worldly pads. For the closing down of this 12’’ Claudio PRC & Ness go off-beat with staggering atmospheres for the dancefloor oriented ‘’Cogas’’.

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10. Acidic Ph Level

  • Published: 2013-10-16T03:54:02Z
  • By proflogik
Acidic Ph Level

Track off of my latest release "Dirt" Vol.2 which is Available on BandCamp for 1$....For my Lo-fi Beat-Head's *All Track's were Produced without the use of a sequencer....just raw Resampled beats*

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  • Published: 2017-11-20T20:17:40Z
  • By ACIDIC☆


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12. Classically Acidic

  • Published: 2016-06-16T09:20:47Z
  • By Ableton
Classically Acidic

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14. STAIN!



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15. Icicle - Acidic

Icicle - Acidic

Official Launch Party London 16/11 → Ltd Edition Signed Heavyweight Vinyl Gatefold → Beatport → iTunes → Signed CD → Winter is coming as Icicle returns to the fore with his sophomore album, ‘Entropy’, released November 17th through Shogun Audio. Delivering his most developed and ferocious music to date, Icicle unleashes a tirade of bass weight, ready to blow the eyes and ears of the electronic music world into next year. Leaning from grime infested urban electronica through to emotionally charged trip hop and full on trademark sci-fi drum & bass, the resulting ‘Entropy’ is one of the most prime and compelling examples of hybrid dance music yet seen in 2014. “My first album 'Under The Ice', was an attempt to showcase my influences and where I came from musically, it was in a sense retrospective. This new album is more of a look into what I think the future of this sound could be. The term ‘Entropy’ means a ‘state of disorder’ or 'measure of chaos' which I felt was a great metaphor for how my production style has evolved, diversified and developed over the years. While the cinematic interludes lay out a path of ever increasing entropy, I've drawn in vocals from some of my favourite MC’s, Skittles, SP:MC and Foreign Beggars’ Metropolis alongside the very talented Sarah Hezen to join the dots between the energetic and the more musical moments. ‘Entropy' is a statement as to my personal progress in musicality and technique, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.” Icicle ICICLE Facebook → Twitter → SHOGUN AUDIO Like → Follow → Subscribe → Website →

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17. Acidic Tune 1_2.wav

Acidic Tune 1_2.wav

Old tune I wish i'd be able to finish.

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18. Daynik & WezKez - Acidic (Original Mix) [BUY=FREE DOWNLOAD]

  • Published: 2015-08-05T07:44:05Z
  • By WezKez
Daynik & WezKez - Acidic (Original Mix) [BUY=FREE DOWNLOAD]

Click the "Buy Link" to access the Free download. You can find Daynik at Daynik Email - [email protected]

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20. Krank In De Kop

Krank In De Kop

Second Small Cutout of my liveset.

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