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1. 17 Nevada Base - If I'm Late (glasgow, Scotland)

  • Published: 2017-01-25T00:46:24Z
  • By FOEM
17 Nevada Base - If I'm Late (glasgow, Scotland)

This is CD 1 of the planned 4 CD compilation, one of two which was about 99% finalized of the four. Music was selected by Jerzy (Holland), Roland (Germany) and Frederik (Chicago), and Flo who did the tracklisting / arrangement in the end. It should have gotten a Jan Audun Uretsky cover design (Jan, the FOEM designer sadly passed away on March 10, 2016). The CD compilation might have been the best one the FOEM crew ever released, and it's a pity that it never has been put out on the internet for free download, to give the fantastic artists who submitted their best tunes for it, as much exposure as possible. The reason why this never has been released was that everybody in the FOEM crew had other things in their lives (mostly love or career related), which become more dominant than promoting a free arts project on the internet - and donating a massive amount of time to it. This is how life is, and we all love it. Just a pity tho that this one hasnt been released, so here it is, hope you enjoy ;) Note: the CD isnt mastered, the track titles or mp3 tags are not fixed, its just the upload of the demo mp3s (so not the final WAV files which we would have requested once the tracklist would have been finalized). So pretty much the rough demo thing. Let us dedicate this to Jan, our dear designer, our amazing colleague, and most of all my soulmate, tutor and best friend. It would have been an absolute pleasure to see your visual interpretation of this music Jan. 01 the so and so´s - tattoo (flavio gaete remix) (Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA) 02 néo - flow (zurich, switzerland) 03 electro morocco - make them hi (brooklyn, new york city, new york, usa) 04 Big Robot - Gone Too Far (southampton, uk) 05 keats' handwriting - sweden! (orlando, florida, usa) 06 stichprobe - vis-a-vis (innsbruck, austria) 07 julio guervos band - la risa en la habitación de filosofia (wuppertal, germany) 08 uniquetunes - zeleniy dyadya (saint petersburg, russia) 09 mad marek - tickle my nipple (wuppertal, germany) 10 opende - have you found love (nairobi, kenya) 11 mark black - all i needed (dublin, ireland) 12 a real mf feat. josee vié - you move me (ft. lauderdale, florida, usa & montral, canada) 13 pebeka - the game (bologna, italy) 14 paper plane pilot - this place (san diego, california, usa) 15 ranrun - beaches (brisbane, australia) 16 alddao - crazy love show (a coruña, spain) 17 nevada base - if i'm late (glasgow, scotland) 18 bilk - raus (duesseldorf, germany) 19 roly skender and the tonics - beyond the satellites (perth, australia) Playlist last save date: Sunday, Sep 20, 2009

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